Free Tim Hortons Update

Getting conflicting info about the Monday morning free coffee giveaway from Tim Hortons, the Canadian chain replacing all Riese owned Dunkin Donuts locations on Monday morning. ¬†According to their newly created Twitter account, free coffee will be given out at all locations, all day long (starting at 6am). ¬†This conflicts with the original giveaway info, so as soon as I get the full confirmation I’ll post it here. UPDATE: The official press release confirms the original info- free coffee, only at the Penn Station location, from 6-9am.


  • Huh… A Riese chain giving away something free is surprising indeed, no wonder it is conflicting. I forsee some kind of mess as per usual.

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    The scene at 50th and 7th this morning, where there is a recently converted Tim Horton’s on the NE side:
    - Tim Horton’s guy giving out free coffee coupon on the NW corner
    - Dunkin Donuts girl giving out $1 off coupon on the NE corner
    Question is, are there still any Dunkin Donuts in midtown?

  • Hilarious, all the Dunkin people swarming the streets (near 50th and 7th) with signs pointing to the nearest Dunkin with $1 off coupons.

  • In front of 42nd St Tim Horton’s between Vanderbilt and Madison, I was given 2 coupons for free small coffee(hot, iced, latte, cappuccino) valid till 7/31.

    Also, they are promoting their Tim Card (gift card). “Buy a $20 card before 7/20 and get $27.50 value.”
    This represents a future 27.2% discount. Makes sense to stock up on them if you are a T.H. fan.

  • The War of 1812 #2 is also heating up down by 34th and 8th from what I saw on my way to work this morning. Like FileEditView and MWinston saw, lots of Dunkin dollar off coupons being passed out.

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    Free coffee everywhere! Went to Penn, across the street from MSG, and up on the UWS (95th/Broadway) – all giving out free coffee.

    Found it funny that the DD was handing out coupons and some people went straight to TH trying to use it…

    Photos with menu, crowds, and the waving coffee cup:

  • Confirmed at the 50th and 7th. Went about 10 mins ago and got a free Double Double (they even knew what I was talking “aboot” when I asked) and sample some pastries on the corner. The coffee was good, not as good as it usually is but I expect it to get better. There was a pretty big crowd although they had like 10 people behind the counter so it went fast.

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