Free Tim Hortons Alert

Monday morning, Tim Hortons will celebrate their arrival in New York City by giving away free coffee at their Penn Station location (in the LIRR concourse) from 6am to 9am.


  • I remember going there for breakfast when I was visiting Princess Edward Island in Canada. I usually don’t go to a chain restaurant when I am traveling but I was in a hurry. Anyways, I wonder if they will do well. It was pretty bad. If Tim Hortons is coming to NYC, I wonder why people like Emeril doesn’t oepn a restaurant in NYC.

  • I liked my croissant sandwich, but not sure I see a big difference with their donuts and coffee. A Canadian may beg to differ. Just me? They’ll have to come in at the right price point to be competitive since “America runs on Dunkin Donuts”.

  • I’ve had many a Tim Horton’s in Michigan. Nothing spectacular. Now if you were talking Chic-Fil-A, that would be a different story.

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