Tim Hortons Day 2: Timbits vs. Munchkins; Timmy Ho’s Lingo; Iced Cappuccino FAIL


If you’re not sick of the whole Tim Horton’s thing yet, read on! (If you are than clearly you haven’t tried their iced cappuccino, which I probably should have explained is more like a frappe or icy milkshake than a straight up coffee drink.)  Unscientific polls were conducted all over Midtown yesterday, pitting timbits (Tim Hortons’ version of the doughnut hole) against Dunkin Donuts’ munchkins- and the results were mixed.  The New York Daily News scored it 5 to 4 in favor of Tim Hortons, while TONY’s feed blog had it 11 to 5 (!) in favor of the almighty munchkin.  Gothamist decided against polling, and just declared the timbit the winner.

So that solves the “timbit” mystery, but what’s all this about “double double”?

Apparently Tim Hortons has taken a page from the In N Out Burger playbook, and has a special way of ordering coffee.  Lunch’er “banbirino” clears it up for us in the comments:

“In Canada, we call it Timmy Ho’s. Or Timmy’s. Look forward to the nickname it gets down there. A ‘regular’ is one cream and one sugar. A double double is two creams and two sugars in your coffee. Similarly, if you ask for a triple triple, you’ll get three servings of cream and sugar. I’ve never heard of anyone getting a quadruple quadruple – in any case that would just be nasty.”

Sadly I didn’t get a chance to use that lingo today. All I wanted was my iced cappuccino- but the machine at the 50th Street and 7th Ave. location was “out of order”. And the free ice cream truck I posted about earlier had already left for the day. All in all a complete post lunch failure.

I guess there is always tomorrow.

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  • *timbits*?????? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! I hate dunkin donuts, but I also dislike Canadians… what’s a girl to do?

  • Yeah, I didn’t get lucky with the ice cream either. Though they’re still passing out the coupons!!! :)

  • Wayne warned you first, and now Tim Horton himself is subconsciously trying to keep you away from that calorie-packed frozen drink of death…tread lightly Zach…

  • I got my second cup of TH coffee this morning at 42nd st/near Madison. Its not even hot. Luke warm at best. I figured the first day I’d overlook but this is day 3. They need to do better.

    I did get two tim cards (gift cards) $55 value for $40. They have no idea how to ring it in the register though for the second time. This offer ends on the 20th. If anyone likes the donuts or the coffee I strongly recommend getting these cards at a huge discount (27%) while you can.

  • Today, I was planning on making a trip to Tim Horton’s to try for myself. Surprise, surprise. There is a giant Tim Horton’s Cup mascot on 50th and 7th and they are handing out coupons for a free small Hot Coffee, Iced Coffee, Iced Capp, or Latte. Turns out that Iced Capp is THAT GOOD. I could easily get addicted to these.

    Coupons valid at all 12 location until the end of the month!

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    I was in there this morning –the 50th and 7th location — and was surprised by the very long line. Fortunately, I met a really cool girl in line and we had a laugh about how we were both “office designees” picking up donuts and other items for our colleagues. Stupidly, I did not ask for her number, so if she’s reading this….may I have another chance?

    Midtown Lunch: Bringing people together ;-)

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