Free Ice Cream Alert

In celebration of National Ice Cream month (who knew?), Blue Bunny Ice Cream will be giving away free “Champ! Cones” on 50th & 7th Ave. beginning at Noon today, Wednesday, and Thursday. I guess this is their way of letting people know that they no longer top their cones with peanuts that might have salmonella.


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    Went to redeem my free Tim Horton’s and ran into the free cones. Gotta love midtown.

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    i went at 1230 and the blue bunny truck was just leaving! granted i don’t know if they were serving it FROM the truck, but still…and i already spammed all my co-workers with promises of free ice cream. i’m gonna try again tomorrow (is it going to be at the same location?)

  • i swung by around 12:10 or 12:15, and several people were handing the cones out from cooler bags. i think they were replenishing their supplies from the truck.

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