Previti Pizza’s Chicken Sandwich Kicks Ass

Previti Searching for a good sandwich on the site last week, I stumbled upon a bunch of posts about Previti Pizza (41st btw. Lex+Park). I in addition to a kick ass artichoke slice, and awesome calzones they make a crazy tasting roast beef sandwich.  But that still didn’t prepare me for the awesomeness of the sandwich I ended up getting the other day. The freakin thing weighed a ton (I got tired of carrying it after walking just few blocks) and I’m not ashamed to admit that  it completely kicked my ass (I only ate half of it and ate the rest for dinner).

Check it out after the jump…


Ladies and gentlemen meet the chicken and provolone sandwich with spinach truffle cream sauce ($7.95). The photo above doesn’t really show how massive the sandwich was. It was the size of a small baby and it tasted awesome. I stared at the sandwich for a long time, planning the best way to attack it.  I had some concerns about everything slipping out of place and ending up a big mess, but after my first bite the  worries were gone. The whole sandwich was pretty sturdy and remained completely intact.

chicken & provolone with spinach truffle cream sauce

The bread and the cream sauce were definitely the stars. The chicken, tender and juicy, was good and the provolone, while mild, did its job at giving the sandwich a gooey texture. But as good as the chicken was, I seriously wouldn’t have minded just eating the bread dipped in the cream sauce. The bread was toasted up nicely in the pizza oven and had a crunchy outer crust with a soft inside. The cream sauce was thick and heavy. I tried to mop up the sauce that had dripped out from the sandwich with the sandwich.

After eating half the sandwich I was about 85% full and had a dilemma. Cave into my desires, or save the other half for dinner and revisit this awesomeness later in the event.  I knew I could’ve eaten the rest but I chickened out- especially after eating an entire styrofoam box of Singapore rice noodles the day before.  I’m trying to work on self control,  but with sandwiches like this it’s going to be tough.

Previti Pizza, 122 East 41st (btw. Lex+Park), 212-557-4992


  • That doesn’t look like it “weighs a ton” but I suppose looks can be deceiving….

  • I’ve had their steak sandwich before. It isn’t massive. They are okay though.

    I’m not a fan of their regular pizza slices. Been too hit-or-miss for me throughout the year I been working in the area. Bravo is more consistent.

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    Just got a plain slice and a sicilian plain slice. Both were good, but in my opinion the sicilian is a better pizza both in taste and in value.

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    Just had the chicken sandwhich. I’m full, but the chicken to bread ratio wasn’t as good as I would’ve liked. I don’t think they need more chicken – just less bread. Also, they were a little stingy on the truffle sauce – would’ve been much better with a bit more sauce.

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