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Steve’s Ice Cream Shuttered in December!?

I walked by Steve’s Ice Cream on 42nd Street btw. Mad+5th this week since the weather is frighteningly ice cream appropriate, but was dismayed to see the store shut up and a rent sign plastered in the window. What happened? Surely, it can’t be due to the weather being too cold. According to their website, they closed shop at the beginning of December and they promise to open a new location in Brooklyn this summer. In the meantime, you can still purchase their packaged ice cream at a few specialty stores in Midtown, most notably Earnest Klein Supermarket on 6th Avenue and 54th Street.

Steve’s Ice Cream Is in Soft Opening Mode (aka Free!?)


Yesterday yielded a big win for Midtown ice cream fans… Steve’s Ice Cream open its doors on 42nd Street (between 5th+Mad). For those of you not familiar with Steve’s, it’s an ice cream brand that originated in Massachusetts with mix-in pioneer Steve Herrell, but is now based out of Long Island. They’re all-natural, use local ingredients, and definitely fall on the fancier side of ice cream. But yesterday, today, and maybe tomorrow (?), you don’t need to worry about the fancy price because “soft opening” translates to “free-loaders engage.”

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