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Help Immigrants by Lunching at Pro Korean Today

Pro Korean, Midtown NYCWant to eat a delicious Korean lunch today while supporting a good cause? The law firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges is raising money to help print up a rights manual for immigrants, and Pro Korean (on 56th btw. 5+6th) has agreed to donate $1 from every combo lunch box they sell today to help the cause. Last month the guides were printed up in Spanish and Chinese, and with this money they hope to translate them into Korean, Russian, and other languages. Make sure you mention “charity” when you purchase your lunch.

Pro Hot Korean’s Spicy Tofu Stew is Good (Even When It’s Hot Out)

Pro Hot Korean In my failed attempt to track down the Marrakech Chefs Truck (yes I’m still hunting this truck down and it sucks that they’re not on Twitter!), I found myself walking into Pro Hot Korean. I have passed by this tiny Korean place few times now and was meaning to try it some day. I wasn’t sure what to order from this place. The Bibimbap was very tempting and so were the tacos. But I wanted something hearty so I ordered the chicken tofu jigae ($8.50). While waiting for my food, I was wondering how good the tofu jigae would be from a fast food joint.

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Pro Hot Korean Completes the Korean Taco Trifecta

Pro Hot Korean Tacos

Earlier this week, we received reports that Pro Hot Korean (on 56th btw. 5+6th) was offering a Korean taco special this week and next (9/7-9/17). At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ve professed my unabashed predisposition towards Korean tacos during my previous assessments of Café Duke and Bann Next Door. Not to be outdone, the demurely humble Pro Hot Korean joins in on the suddenly chic Korean taco trend with their version of galbi, bulgogi, and spicy chicken filled tacos.

At $4.99 for two, these appear to be priced at a bargain – but how does it compare to its predecessors? We take on the tacos and get a feeling for the fillings after the jump.

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Pro Hot Korean Jumps on the Taco Bandwagon

Pro Hot Korean to offer tacos

Thanks again to Luncher ‘hightemp’, who tipped us off yesterday to the news that Pro Hot Korean (on 56th btw. 5+6th) is trying out a Korean taco special this week. After mostly positive Korean taco results from Bann Next Door (on 50th btw. 8+9th) and Cafe Duke (on 51st btw. 6+7th), you can be sure that I’ll continue my well documented obsession with Korean tacos at Pro Hot Korean at some point this week. In the meantime, early adopters let us know how they are in the comments.

After Nearly 2 Months, Pro Hot Korean Finally Reopens

Thanks to Lunch’er “Michelle” for passing along this good news…  Pro Hot Korean (on 56th btw. 5+6th) has finally reopened, and only a month later than promised!  According to Michelle it looks exactly the same (except for a cold case behind the hot food area) so we’re not exactly sure what the “renovations” were all about… but either way, we’re glad they’re back.

Pro “Deli” Loses the Bagel, Goes 100% Korean w/ Best New Bi Bim Bap

Pro Hot Korean Closed Until April 19th

“Pro Bagel”? What is this 2007!?

Lunch’er Wellerfan checks in to let us know that Pro Hot Korean (on 56th btw. 5+6th) will be closed until April 19th for “emergency repairs to the building”. (Apparently the dry cleaners next door is effected as well.) This is sad news for cheap Korean food lovers on the northern borders of Midtown, although good news for the new “modern” Korean spot on the same block.

Pro “Deli” Loses the Bagel, Goes 100% Korean w/ Best New Bi Bim Bap
Korean Food @ Pro Hot Bagel (?!?!)

Cold Noodles at Pro Hot Korean is Actually Bi Bim Naengmyeon


At the peak of the heat last week I reported that Pro Hot Korean (on 56th btw. 5+6th) was now serving naengmyeon, a cold summertime Korean noodle soup- welcome news for anybody who works in the northern part of Midtown and can’t trek to Koreatown for some refreshing cold noodles.  It turns out the version they serve is Bi Bim Naengmyeon, which isn’t a soup at all (like the Japanese hiyashi chuka) but a cold noodle salad mixed with red chile paste, zucchini and apples or asian pear.  Oftentimes it will come with a cold broth on the side and Pro Hot Korean gives you a cup of their “miso” soup, but it was hot so I’m guessing you’re not actually supposed to pour it over the noodles (unless maybe the hot broth gets cooled down by the cold noodles?  I’ll admit, I don’t really know.)

As with anything pre-packaged, and the PHK version of naengmyeon is made in advance, it wasn’t the best thing I had ever had- but it certainly was refreshing and fairly tasty.  They were also serving a kimchee dangmyeon, which is pretty much the same thing (at Pro Hot Korean anyway), but instead of the buckwheat noodles they use the standard Korean glass noodles.  For $2 less ($6.95 instead of $8.95) I think next time I may try the dangmyeon.  Despite using a different noodle, they both looked practically the same from the outside (although the naengmyeon comes with half of a hard boiled egg.)

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Today May Be a Good Day For Cold Noodles

It’s freakin’ hot as shit outside (can I say that?)  That means Japanese Ramen places are rolling out the cold noodles.  I’m pretty sure Menchanko Tei (55th btw. 5+6th & 45th btw. Lex+3rd) always has Hiyashi Chuka on their menu, but Men Kui Tei (56th btw. 5+6th) and Sapporo (49th btw. 6+7th) only serve it in the summer time.  And I think it’s pretty safe to say… it’s summertime.  (I called to confirm… all three restaurants are serving it.

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Pro “Deli” Loses the Bagel, Goes 100% Korean w/ Best New Bi Bim Bap

Last February I wrote about Pro Hot Bagel, a hole in the wall bagel and cold cuts deli on 56th St. btw. 5+6th, which had sprouted a small Korean food station, and a sushi bar.  The reaction to the food was mixed, but it appeared to be an ok option for people who wanted some cheap fast food Korean, without traveling all the way down to Koreatown.  Well, in the past six months, the deli has dropped the “Bagel” and is now serving a menu made up almost entirely of fast food Korean.

There is a long line of pre-made bentos along the right wall, or you can go up to the front and order your food fresh off a menu, that includes an assortment of Korean meat dishes, a few stews, and Korean style ramen soups.   The new-found popularity has created turnover that insures a much fresher bento then a year ago, and the selection is great.

But the real stand-out of the menu is the $9.50 Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap (Korean rice dish, served in a hot stone bowl).  Confused as to how a fast food, take out style Korean place could do Bi Bim Bap served in a hot stone pot for under $10, I had to check it out.  Hot stone Korean rice porn, after the jump… Read more »

Korean Food @ Pro Hot Bagel (?!?!)

There seems to be a new trend emerging in Midtown.  Korean food is taking over!  It seems as if everywhere you go, someone is serving Korean food in an unlikely place.  It is almost as if the Korean restaurant owners in Midtown have realized, “We don’t have have to serve Mexican food and Sushi!  Our food is delicious, and people will eat it!”  Sure, a lot of people still don’t know what Bulgogi is (it is Korean BBQ’d beef by the way), and Bi Bim Bap sounds like weird Jazz… but it doesn’t change the fact that if you like Asian food, you should not be afraid of Korean.  It’s delicious, and this is a welcome trend. 

For me, the whole thing started with Cafe Duke.  I thought it was so awesome that they had this Korean station inside an otherwise generic Midtown deli.  Then the fried fish cart on 46th started serving Bulgogi, and the Bulgogi Sandwich cart opened on 49th.  A few weeks ago I noticed a sign on Ambrosia, a deli on 45th St., offering Korean food (right next to the sign that touts their awesome Mexican Fiesta food… unfortunately it’s a little too pricey for my tastes).  When I finally stumbled upon Pro Hot Bagel, I realized that something big was happening.

Pro Hot Bagel, a deli on 56th btw. 5+6th has been taken over by Korean & Japanese food.  It started slow when a few months ago they added a small sushi bar to their mammoth list of sandwiches (and bagels).  But recently they have gone all out, adding a Udon/Soba station, that also serves Bento Boxes, Bulgogi Boxes & Bi Bim Bap.

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