Pro Hot Korean’s Spicy Tofu Stew is Good (Even When It’s Hot Out)

Pro Hot Korean In my failed attempt to track down the Marrakech Chefs Truck (yes I’m still hunting this truck down and it sucks that they’re not on Twitter!), I found myself walking into Pro Hot Korean. I have passed by this tiny Korean place few times now and was meaning to try it some day. I wasn’t sure what to order from this place. The Bibimbap was very tempting and so were the tacos. But I wanted something hearty so I ordered the chicken tofu jigae ($8.50). While waiting for my food, I was wondering how good the tofu jigae would be from a fast food joint.

Actually it wasn’t very fast food joint like. I waited a good amount of time and sitting there by myself felt like forever! To pass the time I got a cup of free miso soup that you serve yourself. It had bean sprouts in it and looked too clear to be miso soup. I took a sip and decided not to finish it because it tasted awful. Finally I was presented with a container of steamed white rice and a bubbling pot of chicken tofu stew. It looked delicious and quickly dug into it.

Pro Hot Korean

I never had chicken tofu stew before, it had always been seafood. Pro Hot Korean’s tofu stew was quite delicious. It didn’t start out too spicy but half way through I was sweating, a lot. I thought I wouldn’t be full from eating this lunch because the container of rice seemed small and I was eating tofu, how filled up can you get from that?! Oh was I wrong, after eating the last spoonful of rice and tofu I was happily full.

If you don’t mind the wait for the hot food or sitting next to complete strangers (it’s a tiny place with few seats), the chicken tofu stew is worth checking out. Of course it is like 100 degrees outside and hot spicy food maybe the farthest thing you’re thinking about right now, well then you can always get their cold noodles.

Pro Hot Korean, 62 W. 56th St. (btw. 5+6th) 212-397-9104


  • Marrakech Chef does have a twitter account.!/MarrakechChef

  • So funny how they add chicken. :) I think cafe duke’s has more flavorful soondubu!

    Does Pro have cold nangmyun yet?

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    I can’t remember its name, but that clear bean sprout soup is a very Korean thing. It also typically tastes terrible, so you weren’t shafted (unless the terribleness was just sheer badness).

  • I avoid tofu as much as possible, but I’m pretty regular at Pro-Hot Korean, so I had to try this. The soup comes out too hot (temperature) to eat. The tofu takes the flavor of the spices which is nice. It covers some of the yukiness of tofu. It’s a little bit spicy which is nice.

    I got the chicken version. There was hardly any chicken discernable.

    If you like tofu and spice then you may like this.

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