Cold Noodles at Pro Hot Korean is Actually Bi Bim Naengmyeon


At the peak of the heat last week I reported that Pro Hot Korean (on 56th btw. 5+6th) was now serving naengmyeon, a cold summertime Korean noodle soup- welcome news for anybody who works in the northern part of Midtown and can’t trek to Koreatown for some refreshing cold noodles.  It turns out the version they serve is Bi Bim Naengmyeon, which isn’t a soup at all (like the Japanese hiyashi chuka) but a cold noodle salad mixed with red chile paste, zucchini and apples or asian pear.  Oftentimes it will come with a cold broth on the side and Pro Hot Korean gives you a cup of their “miso” soup, but it was hot so I’m guessing you’re not actually supposed to pour it over the noodles (unless maybe the hot broth gets cooled down by the cold noodles?  I’ll admit, I don’t really know.)

As with anything pre-packaged, and the PHK version of naengmyeon is made in advance, it wasn’t the best thing I had ever had- but it certainly was refreshing and fairly tasty.  They were also serving a kimchee dangmyeon, which is pretty much the same thing (at Pro Hot Korean anyway), but instead of the buckwheat noodles they use the standard Korean glass noodles.  For $2 less ($6.95 instead of $8.95) I think next time I may try the dangmyeon.  Despite using a different noodle, they both looked practically the same from the outside (although the naengmyeon comes with half of a hard boiled egg.)

The best deal is after the jump.  

I didn’t notice this until afterwards, but for the same price as the naengmyeon ($8.95), you can get kalbi ribs, with rice and some of the korean cold noodles on the side.  I’m not sure which of the two noodles it was (although I’m guessing it was the cheaper kimchee version), but either way- I’m all about variety, so next time I’m craving cold noodles, I think it will be the galbi rib box for me.

Pro Hot Korean, 62 W. 56th St. (btw. 5+6th) 212-397-9104


  • i was just at pro yesterday–the noodles that come with the kalbee is “chapchae”, and is different than the 2 naengmyuns. not spicy, filled with veggies, glass noodles, and altogether delish.

  • The day I was there they had some boxes with the spicy version (you can see them in the photo). But when we left those boxes were sold out… so I think it depends on when you are there-

  • don’t pour the hot soup into the bibim naengmyun. it is just to have on the side, if you need a liquid to help the noodles go down. the bibim naengmyun is meant to be “dry” and without soup. enjoy!

  • I don’t quite understand how they can charge $8.95 for naengmyun which doesn’t contain any meat. I came here late last time and I think they ran out of the galbi box already.

  • I’m wondering, I’ve had glass noodles or I thought they were glass noodles (not japchae) with spicy chili sauce and the menu said “joll noodles” at Mandoo Bar. Anyone want to weigh in bc the above sounds to be the same…
    Complete with hard boiled egg

  • Ive been to the gym(mainly free weights, but 30 minutes of running, if that should interest you).

    I’m now sat at home with a Chicken Tikka on Naan with mango and hot sauce.Washed down with a lovely chilled Agentinian Shiraz.Watching Germany beat Portugal in Euro ’08.

    Life’s a Bitch guys, life’s a Bitch:)

    Soon be 5pm ladies…….who fancies a drink ? :)

  • Well, Rudy McBaGLE
    I would love a drink thank you for asking, please pass the naan.

  • Blondie, Mamacita and I are still waiting for you to finish making those vodka lemonades….

  • jjol myun is a chewier noodle. i think it’s rice noodle, unlike the glass noodles.

  • I’ve had this dish two weeks in a row from PHK.
    As I stated in my comment last week, the first version was perfect.
    However, this week’s version had little or no broth and the noodles were a clumpy mess. I suspect there’s more than one chef there.
    Unfortunately, none of the Japanese places you suggest deliver, so I’m going to have to wait until a day off to sample hiyashi chuka.

  • thank you janet!

  • hiyashi is not a soupy cold ramen at all, but it may have some moisture. a not-so-great rendition can be had at saburi (lex and 29?) but I heard about a new wafu-chaku place which just opened (chinese food japanese style) that just opened. if you are looking for a slightlier soupier thing, try the special cold soba with 13 vegetables and seafood at soba totto (43rd and lex?); they serve only 10 per day so get there fast; not open for lunch though but, it’s damn food.

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