“Modern” Korean Hits Midtown North


I like Pro Hot Korean (on 56th btw. 5+6th), but I was still pretty excited to hear in the forums that a new Korean place had opened on the same block. It’s called “Chom Chom”, but sadly it’s “modern” Korean food (which is code for “expensive”).  Even the lunch specials are all $14 and up.  You can splurge if you want… but I’ll probably just stick to my old dolsot bi bim bap standby.  (Unless, of course, they start offering a $10 lunch special!)


  • Gosh. I keep sending Zach on wild-goose chases. I had a feeling it would be out of the price-range…but as I was walking on the other side of the street and late for work I didn’t have time to look for myself. At least someone liked it in the forum…..though apparently that is debatable.

  • negative comment from Bossman about Zach using the forum input as filler content coming in 5….4…..3….2…..

  • (not that I care…its all good)

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    Sometimes, you can tell how expensive a restaurant is just quickly checking for a few things.

    - Is there a menu outside? If there is, does it look nicely designed on first glance? Is the menu in a little box or situated on a stand in the front of the place? Are there any papers taped allover the windows with specials?

    - What does the sign of the restaurant look like? Is it nicely designed? Is anything misspelled?

    - The decor inside. Does it look really, really nice? Is everything appear to be squeaky clean? Does it look modern or have this ‘chic’ vibe inside? Does the wood look expensive?

    - Is there water on the table? What is the water in? What exactly is on the table? Is anything in something that looks beautiful?

    - What are the customers wearing? Who is mostly inside?

    - Is the place located next to other expensive places? (Be it restaurants or stores.)

    - Just how big is the place? Does it seem small or pretty big?

    By checking for some of these things, you can usually tell how expensive or cheap it is on first glance.

  • I remember Zach doing exactly that, which led him to miss that asian fusion place on the east side (I’d search for the post but I’m being lazy) (okay I unlazied) http://midtownlunch.com/2009/06/24/asian-station-might-be-the-first-multi-ethnic-restaurant-to-ever-be-good/

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    im friends with the owners of this place, its definitely not the typical 32nd street korean place. they have a lot of small tapas style plates (aka kapas), if you order a ton it can rack up your bill, but its not unreasonable by any means.

    i go to ktown all the time and frankly im so ready for something new. there are a hundred restaurants on that one block and they’re all exactly the same. if you want a big hunking plate of rice and beef on the cheap go to ktown, it never fails, just save chom chom for a night out or a date :)

    and btw. yes theres a menu outside the place, no papers taped to the window. the place is 2 floors and can probably fit about 200 ppl total. decor is really nice, they have these backlit vertically cut trees to give it a really cool but earthy vibe. all in all its really nice inside but most importantly the food is awesome. oooh and they’re having a NYE party with all inclusive food/booze!

    im new to this blog thing. hope its okay that im posting about my friends place. i promise none of this is a lie :)

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