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The Best Deal at Grand Central Market is Eli Zabar’s $5 Focaccia

I always enjoy going to Grand Central Market (inside Grand Central Station, enter on Lexington and 43rd), but it’s usually more of a look-but-don’t-touch excursion. It’s nothing like the accessible-to-all Grand Central Market in Los Angeles I used to visit when I lived there and that Zach is lucky enough to be near. The one in New York is separate from the restaurants — you’ll find those in the Dining Concourse. But in the market section I almost never buy anything unless I’m looking for an odd ingredient or cooking something for a special occasion. Most of the stuff they sell at Grand Central Market is high quality, sure, but FAR more expensive than what I can get in my neighborhood. I’ve looked around for lunch there, and even tried a few things. But what can you get there for our $10 limit? It turns out, there are a few things… but usually in small packages. Here’s a sampling.

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I Found a Midtown Lunch Amidst the Fancy Food at Grand Gourmet

Last night was the annual gala Grand Gourmet at Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station. I was fortunate to attend (as was our lucky winner Luncher meyekull) and I stuffed myself silly getting samples at almost all 39 of the food vendors. Most of the tastings were from fancier restaurants that are quite a bit out of ML’s price range. However, surprisingly enough my favorite happened to be a true Midtown Lunch.

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Check Out the EAT Exhibit in Grand Central

EAT Exhibit

Next time you’re heading over to the Grand Central Food Concourse for some Flex Donuts or to check out the new Tri Tip, you should make a plan to eat your lunch there. A few months ago, they unveiled the EAT exhibit by photographer Jim Dow; it’s in both middle seating areas and scheduled to run through June. The exhibit highlights some of the photos from his book, American Studies and includes some beautiful shots of–one of our favorite things–food carts. Be sure to check out one of my favorites, a shot of the El Oriental cart in Buenos Aires.

PSA: Avoid the at Lemon Potatoes at Chirping Chicken

Chirping Chicken

While checking out the new Apple store in Grand Central a few days back, I decided to get lunch at the food court downstairs. I’ve managed to mostly avoid the Grand Central Terminal Food Court, seeing as it’s mostly overpriced, mediocre foods catering to tourists and people on their way out of NYC but needing to grab a quick bite. But now that Tri Tip Grill is opening today (I can finally get a Toasty!) and Shake Shack is on the way, Grand Central might turn into a pretty exciting lunch spot. Of course lines at those two places are likely going to be pretty epic… so I figured it might be good to have a contingency plan.

After walking around for a bit, I settled on Chirping Chicken. The chicken on the rotisserie looked promising and I do love eating chicken. For $6.89 I got a quarter chicken and it came with a side plus pita bread- though when I got back to my office and opened the box I was shocked to see what I got for lunch.

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Flex Donuts New Cruller is This Year’s Best Use of Bacon

Maple Bourbon Bacon

After my first trip to the second incarnation of Flex Donuts Pop-Up at Zócalo in Grand Central Terminal, I heard of another flavor being offered that was not. to. be. missed. Maple Bourbon Bacon. Not a true holey doughnut, Chef Zac Young is serving this up in cruller form. Of course I got one along with one of another flavor, caramel apple, for research purposes. I’m going to flat out say that this was the best bacon product I’ve tasted all year.

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Flex Donuts’ Pop Up Pecan Pie Doughnut Lures Me Back to Zocalo

Flex Donuts
Two weeks ago, Chef Zac Young and crew started their Flex Donuts Pop-Up at Zócalo in Grand Central Terminal again! Knowing that during the last pop-up, a little less than a year ago, I developed a slight addiction, I tried to stay away this time. That didn’t work once I saw that they are serving up specialty cake doughnuts along with the regular filled yeast doughnuts. One thing’s for sure, they are not playing around this time! So, I stopped by and picked up the pecan pie and salted caramel.

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Beer Table Pantry is Now Open in Grand Central

Beer Table Pantry

This past Monday, Beer Table Pantry (an outpost of the popular Beer Table bar in Park Slope) finally opened in Grand Central. If you’re a fan of Beer Table (like I am) and have been happy with their well curated list of local and imported beers then you will not be disappointed. Check out what you can expect to see and buy after the jump.

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Zocalo Combats DOH Closure With Free Margaritas!

Thanks to Mr. Wilson for sending in this tip about Zocalo in Grand Central: “Shut down by the health department yesterday for at least 2 days due to ‘refrigeration issues’. Will be hosting a customer appreciation night this coming monday. A sign posted yesterday invited everyone to ‘come by monday for a margarita on the house’.” Nice! Now that’s how you handle a Department of Health closure properly.

Grand Central Super Bowl Freebies Party Tomorrow

Since this site is about finding lunch during the week we’ve completely tuned out all the crazy stuff restaurants are doing this Sunday… and yet this managed to catch our attention!  “On February 3 the food shops and restaurants in Grand Central are throwing the very first Grand Central Terminal Super Bowl Bash. 11 of Grand Central’s food retailers, including Magnolia Bakery, Manhattan Chili Company, Michael Jordan’s The Steakhouse, Café Spice and Mendy’s, will gather in Vanderbilt Hall to give out samples and sell items that make ideal treats for Super Bowl Sunday.”  Uh… did somebody say samples!  The event takes place from 11:30 to 6:30pm.  Freeloaders, prepare to engage.

Grand Central Terminal Dining Week Starts Today: The first ever GCT "Dining Week" starts today, which means sit down restaurants will be offering special prix menus and the fast casual places in the food court will be offering discounts.  It starts today and runs through August 29th, and while not all the deals are that great ($12 for lunch at Feng Shui!?) there are a few decent ones.  Check out the entire list here.