PSA: Avoid the at Lemon Potatoes at Chirping Chicken

Chirping Chicken

While checking out the new Apple store in Grand Central a few days back, I decided to get lunch at the food court downstairs. I’ve managed to mostly avoid the Grand Central Terminal Food Court, seeing as it’s mostly overpriced, mediocre foods catering to tourists and people on their way out of NYC but needing to grab a quick bite. But now that Tri Tip Grill is opening today (I can finally get a Toasty!) and Shake Shack is on the way, Grand Central might turn into a pretty exciting lunch spot. Of course lines at those two places are likely going to be pretty epic… so I figured it might be good to have a contingency plan.

After walking around for a bit, I settled on Chirping Chicken. The chicken on the rotisserie looked promising and I do love eating chicken. For $6.89 I got a quarter chicken and it came with a side plus pita bread- though when I got back to my office and opened the box I was shocked to see what I got for lunch.

Chipring Chicken

BOOM! This is what I saw when I opened the box. It looked very very sad. I didn’t have high hopes for this place but was certainly not expecting this. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe the box was too big (?) The chicken was actually pretty tasty (could’ve used some sort of sauce) and the meat was tender and juicy. The skin was surprisingly flavorful and crispy which to me is the most important part of the chicken.

As for the one side, I got lemon potatoes. Well, if you love super sour foods, this is for you. I couldn’t finish the potatoes because they were just way too sour. I guess I was picturing roasted potatoes with lemon zest or but nope. These must have been soaked or or boiled in lemon juice. They were unbearably sour and I threw half of them away.

If I ever go back to Chirping Chicken, I probably will stick with their regular sounding sides… but here’s hoping Tri Tip Grill keeps the lines moving quick enough that I won’t have to!

Chirping Chicken, 15 Vanderbilt Ave (Grand Central Terminal Market) (212) 517-9888


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