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Flex Donuts Open Indefintely!: When Flex Donuts Pop-Up reopened at Zócalo in Grand Central Terminal's Dining Concourse, it was only supposed to be through the end of the year. Apparently it did so well, you can know get your Flex Donuts on indefinitely--or until Zócalo ever does shut down to become the new Shake Shack.

Flex Donuts New Cruller is This Year’s Best Use of Bacon

Maple Bourbon Bacon

After my first trip to the second incarnation of Flex Donuts Pop-Up at Zócalo in Grand Central Terminal, I heard of another flavor being offered that was not. to. be. missed. Maple Bourbon Bacon. Not a true holey doughnut, Chef Zac Young is serving this up in cruller form. Of course I got one along with one of another flavor, caramel apple, for research purposes. I’m going to flat out say that this was the best bacon product I’ve tasted all year.

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Flex Donuts’ Pop Up Pecan Pie Doughnut Lures Me Back to Zocalo

Flex Donuts
Two weeks ago, Chef Zac Young and crew started their Flex Donuts Pop-Up at Zócalo in Grand Central Terminal again! Knowing that during the last pop-up, a little less than a year ago, I developed a slight addiction, I tried to stay away this time. That didn’t work once I saw that they are serving up specialty cake doughnuts along with the regular filled yeast doughnuts. One thing’s for sure, they are not playing around this time! So, I stopped by and picked up the pecan pie and salted caramel.

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Flex Donuts Pop Up at Zócalo is a Steal

Flex Mussels might be way out of bounds and price range for us, but when we found out that their pastry chef Zac Young was doing a pop-up called Flex Donuts at Zócalo in the Grand Central Dining Concourse, I was all over that like white on rice. Until next Friday, you can get freshly made doughnuts, hopefully from Zac himself, from noon until 6pm at the take-out stand there. For $1.50 each, that doesn’t make this a bargain, it makes it a steal!

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