Flex Donuts’ Pop Up Pecan Pie Doughnut Lures Me Back to Zocalo

Flex Donuts
Two weeks ago, Chef Zac Young and crew started their Flex Donuts Pop-Up at Zócalo in Grand Central Terminal again! Knowing that during the last pop-up, a little less than a year ago, I developed a slight addiction, I tried to stay away this time. That didn’t work once I saw that they are serving up specialty cake doughnuts along with the regular filled yeast doughnuts. One thing’s for sure, they are not playing around this time! So, I stopped by and picked up the pecan pie and salted caramel.

Flex Donuts

There are a number of new fillings and flavors this time around. Besides the pecan pie and salted caramel, there is also Pumpkin Cranberry with white chocolate shavings, Apple Cinnamon, Red Velvet, 3X Chocolate, and a Bacon, Maple, Bourbon that I did not see when I was there. All of the doughnuts cost more than last time, with the filled ones at $2, and the fancified doughnuts at $3-$3.50. Quite the pretty penny when they’re not even made to order.

Pecan Pie Doughnut

Of the two I got, Pecan Pie actually won me over much to my surprise. The Salted Caramel was incredibly sticky as a doughnut coated in caramel should be, but it was also extremely heavy. Gut-busting to be precise. I couldn’t figure out why, maybe the mixture of the caramel topping and cake doughnut? Anyways, I was only able to put away two bites. The Pecan Pie was truly tasty–generous topping of nuts, spicy and flavorful cake doughnut with nice hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. I thought this is one of the best Pecan Pie doughnuts I’ve ever had regardless of the slight heaviness from being a cake doughnut. I’ll definitely be stopping by again before they close up shop at the end of the year, and this has only whetted my appetite to stop by Flex Mussels for the made-to-order doughnuts!

Zócalo is inside the Grand Central Terminal Food Court

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