Beer Table Pantry is Now Open in Grand Central

Beer Table Pantry

This past Monday, Beer Table Pantry (an outpost of the popular Beer Table bar in Park Slope) finally opened in Grand Central. If you’re a fan of Beer Table (like I am) and have been happy with their well curated list of local and imported beers then you will not be disappointed. Check out what you can expect to see and buy after the jump.

Beer Table Pantry

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into the shop are the beautiful bottles of beer (they range from $3 to $40) sitting on the shelves. You can also grab a growler and fill it up with any of their 6 draft beers before heading home (or for an important office meeting).

Beer Table Pantry

Beer Table Pantry

Besides selling beer, Beer Table Pantry also offer products from local vendors, like beef jerky from Slant Shack Jerky, jam from Anarchy in a Jar, pickles from Rick’s Picks and baked goods from SCRATCHBread.

Since there is no room for a kitchen area, they aren’t selling any lunch items (just yet) but you can easily grab a few things and turn it into a nice lunch (I’m thinking some SCRATCHBread and pickles would go very nicely with the ultimate sandwich from Murray’s Salami.

Beer Table Pantry, Grand Central Terminal (in the Graybar Passage)


  • I like this idea. Are any of their bottles refrigerated (doesn’t look like it from the photo)? They could make a killing from people grabbing a bottle to drink on the Metro North commute out of the city M-F.

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      Hey there. They actually do have everything that’s on the shelves also available cold [just ask, it's in the back room]. Yeah, you’re right…the CT people finally have better options than Foster’s oilcans!

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    I’m actually more interested in the SCRATCHBread products. Does this beer shop only carry baked goods or the artisan bread as well?

  • Why does the food scene at Penn Station suck and GCT is so cool? MTA has retail space for lease at both.

  • That is so true. $14,000 in property taxes on a 1500 sq. ft. house is scandalous.
    No wonder they can’t afford good beer.

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