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The Search for Midtown’s Best Katsudon

What do you picture when you think of Japanese food? Sushi probably comes to mind first, right? Then maybe teriyaki of some sort? Possibly ramen something or other? While these answers are all correct, I’d like to assert my opinion that the greatest Japanese food is actually katsudon. What is katsudon, you may ask? Well, according to Wikipedia, it’s “a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, and condiments.” So basically, it’s the one Japanese dish that Americans wish they had thought of. Deep-fried meat with egg? Sign me up!

I first discovered this wondrous food when I reviewed Benton Café on 45th street a few months ago. Even though Benton’s katsudon is relatively cheap, I was immediately smitten and vowed to try as many katsudon options in midtown as I could. Sadly, the dish is most often over the Midtown Lunch limit of $10, but if you look hard enough, there are options within our budget.

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Something’s Going on at the Old Menchanko-Tei on 55th

Like most of you, I was heartbroken when Menchanko-Tei called it quits last year, but happy that next-door neighbor, Katsuhama 55, was willing to pick up some of Menchanko’s dishes, with the exception of Rachel’s favorite Midtown oyako-don. When I feel like splurging the extra $0.75 more than the regular midtown lunch, or when I’m just flat out cold because winter is intruding on spring, you’ll find me choosing between the “black” or “red” ramen at Katsuhama 55.

On my most recent ramen splurge this week, I noticed that something new is being constructed at the old Menchanko-Tei location at 43 West 55th Street. Building permits and some Internet sleuthing have led me to believe that the forces behind Natureworks Restaurant at (113 East 31st between Park & Lex) could be behind whatever’s going on at the old Menchanko-Tei location. Until the new restaurant is unveiled, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for something a bit more interesting than a salad bar…

Katsuhama’s Oyakodon Is No Longer A Midtown Lunch

Well, this is disappointing. On a recent trip to the 47th street Katsuhama, I ordered my favorite oyakodon but noticed a tragedy on the menu. $11. Plus tax. No longer a Midtown lunch? Sigh. (Just in case you’re looking at the website, the menus there don’t appear to reflect the change.)

Katsuhama, 11 E. 47th St. (btw. Mad+5th), 212-758-5909

55th Street Menchanko-Tei Has Merged With Katsuhama

We on this blog are no strangers to hearing the news that one of our favorite noodle joints, Menchanko-Tei, has temporarily closed. Again. Most recently, the 55th street location closed for “renovations”, but here’s an interesting development: the 55th street Menchanko-Tei is now permanently closed, and its menu has been absorbed by its neighboring sister restaurant Katsuhama.
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Katsuhama’s Oyakodon Is The Best In Midtown

I know, after all the oyakodon posts on this blog, to write that headline will most likely cause some controversy (especially with Donny T.), but having grown up in Tokyo for eight years of my childhood, I have eaten (and actually cook at home) a lot of oyakodon, and the one at Katsuhama is, in fact, the best I’ve had in Midtown.

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Katsuhama 55 Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Lunch Special

Thanks to Lunch’er Michelle for passing along this one… Katsuhama 55 (on 55th btw. 5+6th) is one year old, and to celebrate they’re offering a special lunchtime curry for just $5.50.  The lunch deal (as well as some dinnertime specials) runs today, Monday and Tuesday.  Check out the full flyer, after the jump…

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Sietsema Loves Midtown: Midtown Lunch friend and personal hero Robert Sietsema has been doing some nice eating in Midtown lately... yesterday he reviewed the new location of Katsuhama (on 55th btw. 5+6th), and on Tuesday joined my farewell lunch tour for some Biriyani Cart and Kati Roll.

New Katsuhama Has $5.50 Monday Special

Photo Courtesy of Lunch’er “Miche”

Thanks to Lunch’er “Miche” for posting this great deal in the ML forums (and sending along the photo above).  The new location of Katsuhama (on 55th btw. 5+6th) is offering a Monday lunch special.  $5.50 gets you “curry over rice with your choice of katsu – chicken, pork tenderloin or pork loin- plus all you can eat salad.”  And what do you know?  Today is Monday! (Note: The special is only available at the 55th Street location.)

Katsuhama 55 is Now Open

Get 50% Off at Katsuhama: The original location of Katsuhama (on 47th btw. Mad+5th) is celebrating its 15th anniversary by offering 50% off their 3 lunch specials through Thursday, eat in only, from from 11:30am to 3pm.  That's a delicious high quality pork cutlet lunch for under $6.  Nice. (Deal not available at the new 55th Street location.)

Katsuhama Has Reopened: The original Katsuhama (on 47th btw. Mad+5th), which closed a few weeks ago for renovations, has reopened. The good news for cheap Midtown Lunch'ers is that Sushi Tei, the little take out area in the front of the restaurant, is still serving cutlet bentos from the Katsuhama kitchen.