Something’s Going on at the Old Menchanko-Tei on 55th

Like most of you, I was heartbroken when Menchanko-Tei called it quits last year, but happy that next-door neighbor, Katsuhama 55, was willing to pick up some of Menchanko’s dishes, with the exception of Rachel’s favorite Midtown oyako-don. When I feel like splurging the extra $0.75 more than the regular midtown lunch, or when I’m just flat out cold because winter is intruding on spring, you’ll find me choosing between the “black” or “red” ramen at Katsuhama 55.

On my most recent ramen splurge this week, I noticed that something new is being constructed at the old Menchanko-Tei location at 43 West 55th Street. Building permits and some Internet sleuthing have led me to believe that the forces behind Natureworks Restaurant at (113 East 31st between Park & Lex) could be behind whatever’s going on at the old Menchanko-Tei location. Until the new restaurant is unveiled, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for something a bit more interesting than a salad bar…

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