55th Street Menchanko-Tei Has Merged With Katsuhama

We on this blog are no strangers to hearing the news that one of our favorite noodle joints, Menchanko-Tei, has temporarily closed. Again. Most recently, the 55th street location closed for “renovations”, but here’s an interesting development: the 55th street Menchanko-Tei is now permanently closed, and its menu has been absorbed by its neighboring sister restaurant Katsuhama.

When I stopped by the other day, I saw the sign on Menchanko’s door pointing west at Katsuhama’s storefront.

Sure enough, the new menus out front include not only Katsuhama’s delicious katsu items, but also Menchanko favorites such as the vegetarian menchanko, hiyashi chuka, their various kinds of tonkotsu ramen and oden. And even better, according to a Katsuhama staffer, the Menchanko chef is also in the Katsuhama kitchen.

Unfortunately for me, the donburi dishes from the old Katsuhama menu don’t appear to have made the cut, including my favorite Midtown oyako-don. So, while I mourn this tragic loss, Menchanko noodle enthusiasts can celebrate that their favorite ramen dishes will continue to be available at the 55th street Katsuhama.

Thanks to Lunch’er Hightemp for the tip!

Katsuhama, 43-45 West 55th Street (btw. 5+6th), 212-541-7145


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