Katsuhama’s Oyakodon Is The Best In Midtown

I know, after all the oyakodon posts on this blog, to write that headline will most likely cause some controversy (especially with Donny T.), but having grown up in Tokyo for eight years of my childhood, I have eaten (and actually cook at home) a lot of oyakodon, and the one at Katsuhama is, in fact, the best I’ve had in Midtown.

At $10, the okaykodon at Katsuhama is on the pricier side for Midtown, but I would argue that it is still the best deal. Yep, it’s that good. Much of the rest of the menu will take you out of the ML price range, but not the oyakodon (or the katsudon, for that matter). It’s a generous portion and came with traditional accompaniments. The meal started with a small plate of simple tsukemono (pickles): cabbage and takuan (picked daikon) and a bowl of miso soup.

Large, tender pieces (unlike the small pieces at Sakagura) of dark meat chicken (not white meat, like Sapporo) and sliced onions were subtly seasoned with dashi, soy and mirin. Add the perfectly cooked soft, runny egg (unlike Cafe Zaiya and Sunrise Mart‘s well done eggs), and you have an amazingly traditional (unlike Yagura) oyakodon.

Oh, and don’t forget to add chopped scallions on top (unlike Udon West, which lacks the topping) and put it all over a large bowl of perfectly cooked Japanese rice. Of course, the rice became infused with oyakodon goodness. Homey and comforting, this meal is large enough to keep you satiated and happy until dinner. I can’t think of anything wrong with or missing from Katsuhama’s oyakodon, and I invite fellow oyakodon-lover Donny T. to also check it out. It’s perfection.


  • 11 E. 47th St. (btw. Mad+5th), 212-758-5909
  • 43-45 West 55th Street (btw. 5+6th), 212-541-7145


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