Katsuhama’s Oyakodon Is No Longer A Midtown Lunch

Well, this is disappointing. On a recent trip to the 47th street Katsuhama, I ordered my favorite oyakodon but noticed a tragedy on the menu. $11. Plus tax. No longer a Midtown lunch? Sigh. (Just in case you’re looking at the website, the menus there don’t appear to reflect the change.)

Katsuhama, 11 E. 47th St. (btw. Mad+5th), 212-758-5909

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    I just bought the Oyakadun last week from the to-go area in the front and paid less than $10. I think about $7 and change. All their ready made bentos and rice bowls including curry with chicken is $7 and change. No soup or extras.

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