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Stop! It’s Hyderabad Time!

Terrible attempts at 80s puns aside, looking for lunch one day we stopped at the Hyderabad Goat Kacchi Biryani cart. Boy, that’s a mouthful! Midtown Lunch is no stranger to the place, but it’s been a while so I decided to give it a whirl.

What I whirled, after the jump!

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Hide Chan’s Summer Menu Makes Me Sweat

It’s no secret that I love Hide Chan and its just over ML limit ramen and make my way over there for treat yo’self Friday afternoon lunch quite frequently. But my most recent visit revealed a new(ish) summer menu!

Prices and what I ordered after the jump…

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Vendy Awards Release Some Major Nominees

Do you have your tickets yet for the Vendy Awards on September 12? Yesterday the Street Vendor Project released the nominees in three of the categories to give you an idea of just how delicious this event will be.

The Rookie of the Year nominees are almost completely comprised of vendors that hang out in Midtown. Coney Shack is the new Korean-taco truck making the rounds, Lil Zeus Lunch Box has been a popular Midtown West lunch option since they opened in March, Old Traditional Polish represents an under-represented cuisine in these parts, Shuka Truck serves fresh, filling Middle Eastern egg sandwiches and platters, and Kaya NYC has made a quick appearance in Midtown with their gua bao but mostly hang out downtown and in Dumbo.

The Dessert finalists however have mostly not visited Midtown yet. Doughnuttery does have a kiosk at Broadway Bites, but Squish Marshmallows (with unqiue flavors), Butter & Scotch (boozy desserts), Booqoo Beignets (with New Orleans-inspired dipping sauces), and Play J Ice Cream (serving ice cream in a J shaped cone) all sound like they’d be an incredible addition to the dessert scene here.

And finally the Market vendors are the most diverse category yet. The nominees are Burmese Bites, Gumbo Bros, Home Frites, Karl’s Balls (takoyaki), and the recently revived Carnitas El Atorodera.

There are more nominees to still be revealed, but this is shaping up to be an exciting Vendy season. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, you can still get them here or try your luck at entering the contest to be a Citizen Judge. Either way, you’ll want to bring your appetite to Governor’s Island on September 12.

Croque Monsieur is French Grilled Cheese, But Is It A Better Value?


I have to admit that I’m skeptical of grilled cheese places. Why would I pay close to $10 for some bread and cheese, especially when I can just as easily make it at home. Even if there’s meat or some special sauce, it usually comes out to being way overpriced.

Yet I can always be convinced to try tasting some grilled cheese in the name of science so when Karen reported that Croque Monsieur was expanding to Midtown, I headed over to the East Side as soon as it opened, preparing myself for disappointment.

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Penn Plates is Another UrbanSpace Food Fest


I recently stumbled upon another food market in the vein of Broadway Bites and the Garment District. This one is slightly hidden above Penn Station between 33rd and 34th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. It’s smaller than the other two, but that sometimes helps narrow down the choices.

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Become A Citizen Judge at This Year’s Vendy Awards

We know all of you have opinions (we read them in the comments), especially when it comes to food. Now’s your chance to really let your voice be heard.

The nominees for the 11th Annual Vendy Awards will be announced in the coming weeks, but before then, Gothamist is giving you a chance win a seat at the judge’s table at the event on September 12. To enter, you need to take a photo of your favorite plate of street food and post it with the hashtag: #VendyCitizenJudge. You can enter as many times as you’d like, but you get points for doing it at Vendy Plaza (which is like a mini-Vendy Awards every Sunday in Harlem) or including iconic NYC backdrops.

Even if you don’t win the grand prize, they are picking runner-ups every week which will earn you a pair of free tickets to the big day. All the details for the contest are on their website. If you don’t trust your photo skills, tickets are now on sale here.

Souvlaki GR Will Open A Brick-and-Mortar in Midtown

The two time Vendy Award winning Souvlaki GR truck has recently made Midtown a more permanent part of their rotation and will also be making regular appearances at the New York Public Library this summer. But now for those of you who work in Midtown West, there will be one more opportunity to get Greek fries and souvlaki sandwiches.

We got a tip from Luncher Stu that signage is up for the company’s second brick and mortar location in Manhattan (the first is on the Lower East Side). We reached out to the owners but have not yet gotten word on when they plan to open. We’ll let you know as more info comes in. In the meantime, get ready to be transported to Mykonos on 56th Street and Seventh Avenue.

Lunch Gives You a Small Taste of the Meat Madness at Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong

I’ve been wanting to hit up the Korean BBQ sensation Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong since they opened their first location in Manhattan late last year. Problem is the place is perpetually mobbed and the prices for the delicate cuts of meat are pretty high. When Chris reported that they are now open for lunch, I thought this might be my opportunity.

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