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Croque Monsieur is French Grilled Cheese, But Is It A Better Value?


I have to admit that I’m skeptical of grilled cheese places. Why would I pay close to $10 for some bread and cheese, especially when I can just as easily make it at home. Even if there’s meat or some special sauce, it usually comes out to being way overpriced.

Yet I can always be convinced to try tasting some grilled cheese in the name of science so when Karen reported that Croque Monsieur was expanding to Midtown, I headed over to the East Side as soon as it opened, preparing myself for disappointment.

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Croque Monsieur Coming Soon to Midtown

Attention, cheese ‘n carb fans! The Union Square gem, Croque Monsieur, has a second NYC location in the works at the corner of Lex and 45th St. For those that don’t know the original store, the grilled cheese is king here, and it speaks French. The owners even had the balls to open a sophomore store (and then some more) in Paris, so safe to say their grilled cheese is worlds away from your 3am hangover savior. And with all menu items under $10, you won’t get a financial hangover either.

From the looks of it, the new spot will only have enough room for a takeout counter. Okay, no cute upstairs window seat overlooking trees on the street. No backstory like the original Union Square digs, former apartment of writer Anaïs Nin. But we have damn low expectations of ambiance when stuck in the lunch rush. If the food is anywhere as good as the Union Square location, then Melt Shop has some competition to deal with. Let the comparisons begin!