New Asian Food Cart Pops Up in Midtown East

Guys, I found a new cart (new to midtown, and seemingly just about 6 months old) today, and it sells something I haven’t seen at a cart previously. GET EXCITED.

On my walk to the bank, I spotted this cart that seemed to be having issues of some sort as the cart was being turned around by two men on the northwest corner of 52nd and Park Avenue. When I returned, hoping to snap photos of the cart (I’d already eaten), the cart was as shown in the picture – slanted, and the men were examining it. I didn’t want to be really obvious, so I took a quick snap and headed on my way.

A quick Google shows they’ve been around since approximately September of last year, but park mostly downtown. Their online menu shows a heavy focus on ‘gua bao’ or what y’all know as the pork buns that David Chang made super famous – 5 varieties including a veggie version. Pork belly is of course there but so is Peking duck – whaaaat?

Anyone get a chance to try them today or perhaps tried them when they were parked elsewhere?

I tweeted asking if they’d be back in midtown east anytime soon, waiting to hear back. Will update once I find out!

Edited to add: According to their response to me on Twitter, they plan on returning next Tuesday – hopefully the same location. Excite!!!

Kaya NYC, check twitter for location


  • You never had baos before? LOL.

  • oh gosh, there was Tuesday content after all!

    thank you Yvo!

  • Sounds good…you had me at duck….thanks for the news.

  • Well, Fun Buns has been around for a while now…

    But i do like the look of their menu. The combos especially. If its the popcorn chicken that I’m thinking of, I definitely hope they return. Thanks for the info!

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      What ever happened to the funbuns cart? I haven’t seen them since sometime last year.

      • I’ve seen them along 50th west of 6th every so often (not in the last month or so, though). Maybe being shooed away by the police with some regularity has cut into their Midtown residency?

      • They’re off for the winter. When I asked them on their last day in the fall, they said they expect to be back in May.

    • Oops – you’re right, funbuns… I don’t know why I forgot about them – well, when they come back, maybe I’ll give them a try! I think they pretty routinely park along 50th/6th though which, in nice weather, is miserable with tourists/crowds, making it hard for me to run over quickly.

  • They were on 49th between 6/7 yesterday and i gave them a try. had the C3 combo (2 baos + popcorn chicken) and I enjoyed it. Perhaps a little small for larger appetites. The popcorn chicken was delicious and just like others i’ve had. and they do give you a decent amount of it. Had a pork belly bao and a duck one ($.50 upcharge). Both were good and cooked like how i’m used to. Size of the bao is comparable to fun buns. I enjoyed, and would def. have it again if/when they return.

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