Broadway Bites Is Back Once Again…

It’s been just two months, so I imagine nobody has missed it too much. But Broadway Bites is back. The vendors opened on Monday on 33rd and B’way in Greeley Square, and will no doubt be selling overpriced lunches through November 14. Not much has changed since the summer, but a few new vendors will appear including Wafels & Dinges, Doughnuttery, and Domo Taco. The focus will be on comforting fall dishes like pumpkin pie cannolis and sage arancini. The vendors (full list is available here) will be open every day from 11am-9pm. This is, of course, good news for those who can’t walk a block away to the other UrbanSpaces market happening in Midtown West.


  • oh content, sweet content.

    thank you brian and yvo et al

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    These things have become criminally expensive for what you get.

  • I had gumbo bros. twice at MSE. The first time, the chicken one was fairly hearty for 10 bucks. IT was pretty damn good too. The second time, I had the shrimp gumbo for 12 and it was skimpy as hell and TOTALLY NOT worth it. i was angry. I still am.

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    I went to Chef Samir’s Comme Ci Comme Ca truck today as I usually do every Wednesday when they are parked in Midtown East. I ordered my usual sandwich and they said that they menu changed.

    I ended up ordering a beef shawarma on a wrap (they got rid of the bread). The cost is $1.00 more, the sandwich is filled with shredded lettuce, almost no protein, and the kicker is that it is 1/2 the size of the sandwiches they were selling last week.

    I’d have to guess that food inflation is hitting them.

    It was a good 4 year run, but sadly, I won’t return.

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    If anyone is interested in cheap and very filling salads, check out my go-to place: grand central star cafe on Lexington and 45th (

    They have a $6.50 (after tax) unlimited salad special with a small soup. I’m eating a chopped salad with cajun chicken, avocado, and literally 13 other toppings. It comes with a small soup of three rotating specials- ranging from chicken noodle to seafood soup.

    Hits the spot when I’m looking for something healthier to eat and is way under the $10 limit.

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