Hide Chan’s Summer Menu Makes Me Sweat

It’s no secret that I love Hide Chan and its just over ML limit ramen and make my way over there for treat yo’self Friday afternoon lunch quite frequently. But my most recent visit revealed a new(ish) summer menu!

Prices and what I ordered after the jump…

Alright, the only thing that possibly would be considered within ML price limits is two Kobe Wagyu (??) beef sliders, two pieces for $10. While that could possibly get me through a few hours till dinner, I’d have been extremely unhappy – and y’all would have laughed me off the site.

In any case, what I was actually seeking was cold noodles. Specifically a dish that I thought might be similar to Tabata’s tan tan hiyashi, which is one of my absolute favorite cold noodles ever. (I’d tell you more about them but this post is about lunch at Hide Chan.) So when I saw “hiyashi” on the menu – but then “soupless dan dan ramen” – I couldn’t make up my mind which might be more similar and … oh goodness… ignored the 2 little chili peppers next to their names and ordered the soupless dan dan ramen.

Yes, it’s going to be one of those posts.

Since these still count for ‘ramen sets’ I tacked on another $3 for kara age, the Japanese fried chicken, just to test for consistency. You know, make sure for you, dear readers, that the kara age is just as good as it was the last time I wrote about it, when I said: “Four deliciously crispy, juicy pieces of chicken thigh appeared, with a dollop of a slightly spicy mayo alongside for good measure… for an extra $3. If you at all like fried chicken, you HAVE to order this – it was absolute perfection. Four pieces was even almost too much – I was super stuffed after the ramen… but oh my gosh, this was awesome.”

I guess they listened to me, because this time it was only 3 pieces. I’m okay with that – it was plenty, and still just as damn good. Juicy, crisp little nuggets of happiness in each mouthful of meat…

Then the main event arrived. I was surprised to find the bowl warm, even though the menu never said it would be cold. So my bad, guys. My bad — I was also intrigued that I’d not been given a spoon, and when I requested one, my server seemed very confused. No, there’s no soup, but all the little bits – chopped scallions, these white bits that seemed like very mild onions or softened daikon, ground pork – I wanted to stir and mix together properly. With my chopsticks and a spoon, you know? Isn’t that how people normally mix things? Eventually she brought over a tablespoon and an Asian soup spoon, and asked me which I wanted (the Asian soup spoon). I didn’t pay attention after she walked away, but now I wonder if she watched me curiously to see for what purpose I’d use the spoon – seeing as there was no broth.

After diligently tossing it all together and spooling some into the spoon to delicately insert into my mouth, my lips began to tingle.

Oh boy.

The springy noodles played perfectly with the ‘spicy rayu’ (which my extremely rudimentary understanding of Japanese means ‘spicy spicy oil’); the contrasting textures of ground pork, noodles, vegetal crunch from the scallions and white bits was delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed that part of the bowl.

Unfortunately, the heat began to build on itself, eventually cresting to a peak where my entire face was drenched: tears pouring from my eyes, sweat sliding down my nose. I dutifully soldiered on and continued eating, concentrating on the textures and what flavor I could taste that was a lot of heat, a little savory… Sigh.

I actually snapped a photo of my face at the end of my bowl, but decided this is not the right forum for that. I was flushed, my entire face damp – and this was NOT during the wet-heatwave – my eyes swollen a little with misery – but satisfied because, in the end, I won over this bowl of spice-tastic noodles.


Looking at the menu, as much as I want to try the hiyashi – for cold noodles and research purposes, you understand! – the 2 little chili peppers by its name mean I’m unlikely to order it. I’ve learned my lesson (sort of). I highly recommend the soupless dan dan ramen for anyone who enjoys the things I’ve just described, including an intense searing heat that builds and builds upon itself till it just crests, pushing you over the edge into mind blanking pleasure and pain wrapped into one… leaving you completely soaking in the end.

For everyone else, there’s still the regular ramen.

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Hide-Chan Ramen, 248 E. 52nd St, 2nd Fl (btw. 2nd+3rd) (212) 813-1800


  • brava! thx for the great write-up, yvo.

  • Everytime I go to Hide Chan the line always goes down the stairs and I end up just going into Totto because there’s never a wait for 1 person. :(

    • Do you only go on Mon-Weds? What time? I’ve only had to wait once, about 10 minutes, and they apologized profusely the whole time. I sit at the bar and it’s perfect. Hmm, today IS Friday…

      • Oh I ask about Mon-Weds bc that’s free ramen topping day and the lines are way busier those days than Thurs or Fri.

      • No particular day. I just go whenever the mood for ramen hits me. Thanks for the tip about Mon-Wed.

        Since you go by yourself, do you just walk up to the bar area? I thought that maybe people were waiting for tables and the bar seating is seperate, but I always feel weird walking past a huge line.

      • I don’t think it’s separate – but I make sure they know I’m only one person, so I can be seated at the bar. I’ve literally never seen the line go down the stairs, though. BTW – I go to lunch around 1 (it takes me about 10 minutes to walk from my office, so let’s say 1:10, 1:15?), which might also affect it? I thought 1 was the most popular time to eat, but maybe 12 is…?

      • BTW — I went yesterday and the place was pretty empty the entire time I was there.
        (Tried the miso ramen and didn’t care for it.)

      • I usually go to lunch around 12:30, and I guess I’m just unlucky because there are ALWAYS people waiting on the steps whenever I go. I’ll give it another shot when it doesn’t feel like a gym locker room outside.

        As far as the ramen, I’m partial to the hakata kuro ramen myself.

      • Went yesterday around 12:45 and finally hit a free ride to the bar. I was gonna get the hiyashi noodles since it was so hot out, but defaulted to my usual spicy garlic ramen. Also got a second helping of noodles, even though I always regret it waddling back to the office. :(

      • Yay for no wait! No regrets when waddling from being full of yummy foods! My phone likes to think I’m Swype-ing “waddling” whenever I’m trying to quickly Swype “I’m walking” – I think it knows me better :x

  • What’s with the damn bear!? Can it be the Midtown Luncher of the week!?

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