New Coney Shack Truck Spotted in Midtown

Some of the best advertisements for food trucks are when they drive around the city – not selling a thing – just driving around. This is how I noticed a truck I had never seen before. It was called the Coney Shack and upon doing my research, I’m eager to find them when they’re actually selling food.

Turns out they’ve been vending for about a year on Coney Island and have just started bringing their food to Midtown in the last few weeks. The menu, which I pulled from Twitter, consists of Southeast Asian-style tacos, burritos and hot dogs. Pretty typical fare, but when done right, it’s always a home run. I’m especially excited about the 5-spice calamari taco.

They’ve been splitting their time between Coney Island and 47th/Park. They have a Twitter feed that has been updated recently, but I’m not able to find a permanent schedule yet. Anybody had a chance to check them out yet?


  • I found them on 47th/Park last week. They were out of everything except fish and calamari. I got one of each. Both were fried. Both were decent size, especially the fish. I liked the taste of both. I think the calamari could stand well on it’s own as an appetizer at an Italian place.

    I think most people will like the flavors coming from this truck. If there’s criticism it would be that the two fried items I got were a little bit greasy. But that’s probably not a big concern and there’s other stuff on the menu.

  • Interesting that there have been “Coney” joints featured in both NY & Philly the past week. And by interesting I mean “who the fuck would eat anything named after that superfund site”?

  • Coney Island Whitefish, anyone?


    The “thank you Brian for Tuesday content!” edition

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