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Free Peanut Butter and Stumptown Alert

Today (March 31) & Tomorrow (April 1) between 7:30 am and 1:30pm, and 4pm – 7pm at The Corner at the Roger Smith Hotel (47th St and Lexington Avenue), the peanut people will be hosting a pop-up with actual peanut farmers, breakfast and snack samples, and much more. If you missed the promo of free Peanut Butter & Co. pb&j sandwiches being delivered to your office on Monday, this is your opportunity to grab some other goodies. Details here.

If that isn’t enough freebies for you, you can also score a free 12 oz Stumptown coffee from the Shake Shack in Grand Central Terminal with purchase of a breakfast sandwich on Tuesday, 3/31 only, from 7am – 10:30am.

Freeloaders, engage!

Little Steamed Buns Ramen II Coming to Midtown East

Exciting news for Midtown East Lunch’ers — Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen is heading east to open its second location, taking over what was formerly Legends 55 (Google shows me what looks like a fairly generic Chinese/fusion/mishmash restaurant) at 146 E. 55th Street. The original in Midtown West was reviewed favorably by Chris almost exactly a year ago, so hopefully they bring the same game to Midtown East. While we don’t lack for ramen, we could certainly use some soup dumplings!

Some more immediate news you can use after the jump…

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Another Blue Greek Cart Appears in Midtown West

OMG, you guys… I found another new-to-midtown (possibly entirely new?) cart. Actually, Lunch’er Dave sent in this tip:

“There’s a little “Greek” cart on W 50th, across the street from the other carts, which does grilled meat in its plates and salads. I’ve been once, a couple weeks ago, and it was quite good, but I haven’t checked if they are still coming around regularly.”

I walked over to see if it was parked there today. The menu and more after the jump…

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New Asian Food Cart Pops Up in Midtown East

Guys, I found a new cart (new to midtown, and seemingly just about 6 months old) today, and it sells something I haven’t seen at a cart previously. GET EXCITED.

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Obao Packs a Punch and I Am Still an Idiot

You know those beautiful moments when it suddenly dawns on you that you are 5’8 and walk very quickly, able to cross avenues in mere minutes to those short people who take 20 minutes to walk from 5th to 2nd Avenue? No? Well, whatever, my office sits smack in the middle – not quite west, and not really east either – of midtown. Low 50s and Madison, to be exact – and when I finally figured out that I can walk to Obao in approximately 8 minutes, I hurried over to get my pho on. Pho, on a snowy day – of which we had way too many the past 6 weeks – is amazing. Michelin recommended pho isn’t really something that even crosses my radar normally, so this was even more exciting!

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Shake Shack Tests Out The Lockhart Link Burger in Midtown East

Lunchers of Midtown East are about to be some happy guinea pigs! In preparation for opening their Austin location, Shake Shack is testing out a brand new burger called the Lockhart Link.

According to Eater now through March 25, you can get a taste of Texas only at the Midtown East location. The burger is topped with cheese, pickles, ShackSauce, but most importantly, a griddled jalapeño cheese sausage link from Kreuz Market. I’ve had the pleasure to taste the meat at Kreuz’ in Lockhart, Texas and I can assure you it’s legit. Considering you get both the burger and the sausage for $7.49, expect the lines to form early.

Shake Shack, 600 Third Avenue (at 40th Street), (646) 668-4880

Benton Cafe on 45th is Still Pretty Great

Two years ago, the Cafe Zaiya formerly known as Oms/b on 45th Street became Benton Cafe and Chris reported how great it was. How has it fared with the test of time?

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What Not to Do at the Jerk Pan Jamaican Food Truck

On my wanderings for Midtown Lunch, I kept passing by this unmarked truck that always had a line. What were people lining up to eat? One of those times, I noticed the Jamaican flag flying above the truck and finally pieced it together. I’m not sure why it’s now unmarked, but this was the Jerk Pan truck that ML last reported on in 2011… and I learned some very, Very Important Lessons about lunching from a truck (or cart).

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Num Pang Teams Up With Ad-Rock For Some Smoked Meat

Grub Street reports that today Num Pang will unleash a new sandwich from their “Chefs Give Back” series. It’s in collaboration with Ad-Rock and sounds like a play on a reuben. It will combine Mile End smoked meat, chili Russian dressing, and the usual cucumbers, cilantro, and pickled carrots. The price tag is a bit heft at $16, but it comes with a pickle, chips, and soda, and is for a good cause (the proceeds go to Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition).

Not sure how or why Ad-Rock is considered a chef, but the sandwich sounds pretty amazing so who cares? It will be available through April 15.

A Giant Bareburger is Coming to Midtown East


Chick-Fil-A isn’t the only fast casual concept opening up a gigantic new location in Midtown later this year. Eater announced that Bareburger will also be gracing us with potential Midtown Lunches. Sometime in late spring or early summer, they will be opening a 5,000 square foot restaurant in the old Opal Bar space, on 52nd Street between Second and Third Avenue.

Bareburger has many locations around the city (including one out-of-bounds in Hell’s Kitchen) and makes tasty burgers with a wide variety of wild game options. The Eater article says the new space “will be dedicated to all things burger.” I’m not sure what that means exactly, but I for one am very excited.