Another Blue Greek Cart Appears in Midtown West

OMG, you guys… I found another new-to-midtown (possibly entirely new?) cart. Actually, Lunch’er Dave sent in this tip:

“There’s a little “Greek” cart on W 50th, across the street from the other carts, which does grilled meat in its plates and salads. I’ve been once, a couple weeks ago, and it was quite good, but I haven’t checked if they are still coming around regularly.”

I walked over to see if it was parked there today. The menu and more after the jump…

There was a small crowd of people around the truck, I’m not sure if they were waiting to order or had already ordered – the cart was parked on the sidewalk, about 8 feet across from a ledge of sorts (I’m not good at estimating distances, but its placement made the walkable sidewalk narrow and hard to maneuver around the people standing there). I snuck in and shot the photo of the menu before darting off.

The coloring of the truck, the font and menu all remind me strongly of Uncle Gussy’s a few avenues away, but with so many people and the guys in the cart looking pretty busy, I opted not to linger and ask questions. $8 platters with your choice of souvlaki (pork or chicken), grilled chicken or lamb, served with rice and salad… Yes, please!

I don’t see any Twitter information for them anywhere, so hopefully that means they don’t plan on moving around a whole lot.

Anyone try them already? What did you think? Let us know in comments!

Lil Zeus Lunch Box, southwest corner of 50th Street and 6th Avenue


  • Props to their graphic designer … 8 oz. cheeseburger with tzatziki please

    • The platters don’t arrive on real platters. Womp womp.

      But seriously, they grill meats, so it’s very similar to Uncle Gussy’s. They’re a bit on the slow side, but it’s worth the minor wait. Can’t imagine a burger would speed that up but I’m intrigued.

  • $8 for the platter? *walks straight to gussy’s

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      Thanks for the support let us know next time you come by the Uncle Gussy’s Truck.

      - Uncle Gussy’s Digital Team

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    I had a greek salad with chicken souvlaki about a week or two ago. It was pretty good although I prefer my greek salads dressed with lemon + olive oil rather than balsamic + olive oil. The pita was tasty but the tzatziki, which I was told was homemade, was lacking some tang. Overall, I thought it was a good option for those of us in Midtown West who don’t want to trek over to Uncle Gussy’s

    • The this, yes. Plus, I think Uncle Gussy’s charges extra for souvlaki, no?

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        The salads can have souvlaki added to it if you want. But there are also Souvlaki platters and pitas which can be purchased.

        - Disclosure (Uncle Gussy’s is our client)

      • I’ve had the Uncle Gussy’s souvlaki, and it’s delicious, but as I mentioned, I believe it’s extra.

        Not that this is a problem for you, but there’s that long, long line at normal lunchtimes, and I don’t have that kind of time to wait. I do go there when I’m getting lunch at an off-hour.

  • I got the lamb over rice & it was very good. It would be a worthy contestant in that Street Meat Palooza thing that you guys seem to have abandoned.

  • I visited them today. I got the Gyro. It was great. Perfect gyro meat flavor unlike that halal stuff getting pushed these days. Gyro had tzatziki as it should. It was great.

    This cart is everything that GRK isn’t. GRK is very good and I recommend it, but it is sanitized. This cart is authentic. Can’t wait to try the souvlaki.

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    This is really amazing only $8 for the platter? I would definitely walk to get it.

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