Little Steamed Buns Ramen II Coming to Midtown East

Exciting news for Midtown East Lunch’ers — Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen is heading east to open its second location, taking over what was formerly Legends 55 (Google shows me what looks like a fairly generic Chinese/fusion/mishmash restaurant) at 146 E. 55th Street. The original in Midtown West was reviewed favorably by Chris almost exactly a year ago, so hopefully they bring the same game to Midtown East. While we don’t lack for ramen, we could certainly use some soup dumplings!

Some more immediate news you can use after the jump…

As I raced away from there to run over and try the Lil Zeus Lunch Box crosstown (I told you, being 5’8 helps me cross avenues in seven steps), I noticed that there was a totally unadorned, unmarked cart on the southeast corner of 55th Street and Lexington Avenue. I was in a rush so I didn’t stop for a photo, but I did note that there was a lone piece of paper taped to the side, and the same on the front which read simply “TAMALE $2″ – nothing else. There were 3-4 people standing around it, seemingly having ordered already, while a woman was at the window talking to whomever was inside. I was two blocks away before it registered in my head that this might be interesting to y’all — anyone try it already or know what’s the deal with the cart? Let us know in comments!

As for Little Steamed Buns Ramen II, when I dropped by for a photo, there was no sign of movement inside at all, so no ETA as to when it’ll open. As always, thanks for the tips and keep ‘em coming – hat tip to Lunch’er “mabo tofu” for the comment-tip!

Little Steamed Buns Ramen II, 146 E. 55th Street


  • please don’t confuse this as japanese ramen

    • Oops – you’re right, I imply that they’re similar when they’re not. My bad — I read Chris’s review, too, and knew it wasn’t…

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    There’s been a Mexican cart of some sort at the SE corner of 55th and Lex on and off for years.

  • Same Mexican dude, new cart. He told me the old one failed inspection. I was worried when he disappeared for a couple days because this is my favorite cart in the area! Local restaurant workers eat here. Honest food, no halal crap.

    New cart is stand-inside with, as yet, no signage. The owner told me he likes it because it is warmer. All the prices are $1 higher on the new menu but they charged me $6, same as usual, for my salad topped with chicken, beans, and mexican fixins. This is one of the few carts where ordering a salad is feasible and worthwhile. Topped with a thin version of guac and limes (on request).

    The tacos, burritos and tortas are outstanding here. The tamales – Friday only – are great too. They open around 10:30 and a tamale makes a perfect late breakfast.

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    Yes I agree with pipokun this is a Japanese ramen.

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    There are two types of noodles at Little Kung Fu, “Knife Cut” and “La Mien” The knife cut are the lam zhou style you see the chef at the west side Little Kung Fu slapping into shape.

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