The Nameless Mexican Cart on 55th & Lex Makes a Great Chorizo Taco

I recently walked by this nondescript cart on the corner of 55th + Lex and noticed that next to the display case full of muffins and bear claws, amidst the standard pictures of egg sandwiches and hot coffee were photographs of tortas, quesadillas, and tacos. A new Mexican cart? Sign me up!

The cart offers lunch options of chicken, steak, carnitas, and chorizo, and each of these meats are available in taco, quesadilla, burrito, or torta form. They also offer a “Mexican Hamburger” ($5), hot dog ($2), and several plate entrees including but not limited to Huevos Rancheros ($5). I settled on three tacos at $2.25 each, with one each of chorizo, steak, and carnitas.

The tacos were made fresh to order, and came double-wrapped in griddled corn tortillas and topped with cilantro, guacamole, diced onions, and hot sauce. The chorizo was the best by a mile, spicy, moist, and flavorful without being excessively greasy. The carnitas were a little dry, but the porky flavor came through nicely. The steak was also on the chewy side, but it was tasty, and do we really expect medium-rare filet from a street cart? I ate on the later side of “lunchtime,” around 1pm, so it’s possible that the meats had been sitting around a little bit too long at that point. Perhaps if it were closer to noon they would be a little fresher?

Apparently this little cart has been parking here every weekday for about two months, and has no name (this made me really happy, for some reason). Looks like El Rey de Sabor may be looking at a little bit of competition in this neck of the woods!

Mexican Cart, SE Corner of 55th + Lex


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