A Giant Bareburger is Coming to Midtown East


Chick-Fil-A isn’t the only fast casual concept opening up a gigantic new location in Midtown later this year. Eater announced that Bareburger will also be gracing us with potential Midtown Lunches. Sometime in late spring or early summer, they will be opening a 5,000 square foot restaurant in the old Opal Bar space, on 52nd Street between Second and Third Avenue.

Bareburger has many locations around the city (including one out-of-bounds in Hell’s Kitchen) and makes tasty burgers with a wide variety of wild game options. The Eater article says the new space “will be dedicated to all things burger.” I’m not sure what that means exactly, but I for one am very excited.


  • “Tasty burgers”? Maybe if they seasoned them. Instead, it’s just bland meat drowned in toppings, for a premium price. Five Guys is a tastier, cheaper option for “let’s put lots of stuff on my burger”.

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    bareburger is BASIC.

  • They have a brisket sandwich that is really good. A nice brunch menu too (tho a bit pricey)- at least at the one in Bayside, queens.

    Their fries are one of my favorites though. Especially if you ask for them extra crispy.

  • It’s not between second and 3rd. It’s on the corner of 2nd.

    I’ve had Bareburger before. It wasn’t bad, but the selling point was that I could eat a burger while my dining companion could get a veggie burger. That was literally the only selling point.

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