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Pronto Pizza Now Has 99 Cent Pizza on Tuesdays

99 cent slice special sign

Pronto Pizza is far from a go-to lunch spot for me. They tend to be the default spot if someone is ordering pizza for a meeting at our office. Still, my love of a super cheap slice and the lack of other 99 cent slice options in the Rock Center area brought me by to see how their sub-dollar slice stacks up. Read more »

Snack Box Is Back: Snack Box, which was shuttered by the DOH in January, is once again open in Times Square. Although they're still not graded, the most recent inspection revealed they reduced their violation points down to just two (from a whopping 66), so even if you don't like the food you have to be impressed by their ability to clean up.

Get a $6 Lunch From AJ Maxwell’s


If you’re a fan of the $10 lunch special at AJ Maxwell’s (on 48th btw. 5+6th) you should love the deal featured today on our deals page. Get an AJ Maxwell’s steak sandwich with soup, salad or fries and a crusty bread basket for just $6. The deal is available from 11am to 4pm, for take out only.

Pizza By Certe Has Homemade Lobster Tails (The Sweet and Flaky Kind!)

Pizza by Cer Te

We’ve covered a lot of Pizza by Certe‘s (56th btw Park+Lex) menu, but mostly the savory. We don’t often look at the sweets in their dessert case, even though I will admit to looking twice at the offerings in there. A couple of weeks ago, we found out that they began serving up increasingly rare, homemade flaky lobster tails, and I stopped by to see if they perfectly break on the joint and are filled with delicious cream. They didn’t disappoint!

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R.I.P. Manganaro’s: It looks like it's official.  The original Manganaro's Grosseria (on 9th Ave. btw 37+38th), whose honor we attempted to defend back in 2009, served their last lunch yesterday.  We think a brief moment of silence is in order (something the two ladies who ran the place, never afforded their customers!)  [via Jeremiah's Vanishing]

Sunrise Mart Serves Burgers With Crispy Rice Buns!

Sunrise Mart One night while walking to the train after work, I noticed signs on Sunrise Mart (41st btw. Madison+5th) advertising their “New Rice Burgers.” What’s a rice burger? Basically instead of buns they used two pan fried pieces of flattened out mushed up rice patties. This wasn’t my 1st experience with this sort of sandwich/burger. There used to be a food truck in LA that specialized in using rice as buns and surprisingly did a pretty darn good job at it. After seeing the signs for it at Sunrise Mart, I was curious and decided to check it out.

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Twitter Tracker Isn’t Just Good For Food Trucks: Our Twitter Tracker isn't just good to find out where food trucks are parked, but also specials that different restaurants are offering.  Like a $6 coupon for the new Crisp in Greeley Square.  Also, Luke's Lobster is on 47th, Big D's is on 53rd, and Seoul Food is on 51st. But you'll definitely want to check the TT just before heading out.

Tri Tip Grill Should Serve Tator Tots All Day

Tri Tip Grill Last time when I went to Tri Tip Grill and was waiting for my oh so delicious bacon cheddar buck I noticed they have a breakfast menu with tater tots! Tater tots! I don’t know what it is about tater tots that are addictive. Maybe because I’m nostalgic for them or maybe because they’re delicious deep fried potato balls. Though there is only one thing keeping me away from those tater tots and that is Trip Tip Grill only serves their breakfast menu till 11am. Sadly I hardly eat breakfast but I’ll make an exception for tater tots.

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Lunch Links (The “Shaka [sic] Shack” Edition)

Double Shack Burger w/the works
This burger got one star for the NYT this week. Photo by exflexitarian

  • Ed Levine weighs in on the NYT Shake Shack review [AHT]
  • Tracy Morgan loves Midtown’s Benihana [Grub Street]
  • The bulgogi beef bowl with everything from Korilla is really good [Me So Hungry]
  • Eric Ripert’s guide to eating in Midtown West [SENY]
  • Ma Peche isn’t as good without Tien Ho [NYC Foodie Girl]
  • A burger place has opened in Los Angeles called the Shaka Shack!? [Midtown Lunch: LA]

Midtown Happy Hour: Whisky Trader is Still Good For Gross Shots and Linsanity

If you like to eat, chances are you like to drink (read: a lot of you are freakin’ lushes), so I thought maybe it was time to introduce a happy hour column to the site. Every week, our Happy Hour Correspondent posts about a different bar in Midtown that fits the Midtown Lunch mentality: unhealthy food, not lame (unless it’s lame in a cool way), and most importantly… cheap. This week we’re excited to welcome a new contributor ML fold… Jackie.  Make her feel welcome.

Ladies, if you’re going out to happy hour looking to get hit on, Whiskey Trader is not for you. That said, if you’re going out to throw down some (CHEAP!) beers, watch Jeremy Lin defy all Asian and Ivy Leaguer stereotypes, and enjoy the company of your friends and coworkers, Whiskey Trader is for you!

As a self-proclaimed scotch drinker and Ron Burgundy (“I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly…”) groupie, there was no way I’d feel comfortable not pushing Zach to let me review a whisky bar for my first Midtown Lunch post. Unlike Mamacita who originally discovered this gem by (a happy) accident two years ago, I used Google as my discovery method at choice. Type in midtown whiskey bar and this place will be found at the top of the list.

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