R.I.P. Manganaro’s

It looks like it’s official.  The original Manganaro’s Grosseria (on 9th Ave. btw 37+38th), whose honor we attempted to defend back in 2009, served their last lunch yesterday.  We think a brief moment of silence is in order (something the two ladies who ran the place, never afforded their customers!)  [via Jeremiah's Vanishing]

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  • It’s surprising they stayed open that long. My co-workers and I stumbled in there about a month ago after one of them had seen it featured on the Travel channel, and it looked deserted. We thought they were remodeling or closing, and turned to walk out. One of the ladies came out from behind the counter and was just downright nasty to us.

    Needless to say, we ended up next door at Manganaros Hero Boy…and it was delicious. I felt bad for her as I ate my delicious eggplant parm hero, as I could understand the frustration if the shop next door constantly being packed. But being a bitter old hag to potential customers is no way to keep people coming through the door.

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