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Manganaro’s Hero Boy is Closing, Long Live Manganaro’s Hero Boy: Rumors of old-school Italian-American culinary landmark Manganaro's Hero Boy's death apparently have been greatly exaggerated. The other day we reported that the 9th Ave landmark famed for its decades-long familial spat that makes the Lannisters look like lambs by comparison, but it looks like the new owners of their building have been persuaded otherwise. One can only guess at how much cash was involved in that persuasion, because nobody in the deal is talking. Rejoice, you can still get your heroes even if actual Italian sandwiches are but a block away!

Vanishing Manhattan Continues: No More Manganaro’s Heroboy on 9th: It looks like the vestiges of old family rivalries which used to be one of the most awesome New York food stories ("so wait, which one is the BEST Manganaro's?") are disappearing in the name of development. Manganaro's Hero Boy, who (like every single other sub shop in the NY/NJ metro area) purports to be the original home of the 6-foot hero, is going to be vacating after its building was just sold. The property will be redeveloped as Hudson Yards begins to take shape. Ciao, Manganaro family splinter faction. 9th Ave will miss you.

Arrividerci Manganaro’s, Buon Giorno Overpriced Tavola

The Manganaro’s faithful, while most likely lamenting their Bourdain-praised red sauce served with a 20th-century New York attitude, can at least rest easy that their old digs are still Italian and not in an Olive Garden way. Still, Midtown Lunch laments the introduction of out-of-price-range fare in general, doubly so in the place of a classic. Tavola, the brick oven Italian restaurant that took Manganaro’s old space, has opened quietly and while they have yet to serve up lunch, too little of their menu is within our $10 limit to attract much fanfare.

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Manganaro’s To Become a Brick Oven Pizza Spot

Manganaro’s, the 119-year old Hell’s Kitchen institution praised by the culinary Hunter S. Thompson himself, Tony Bourdain, closed recently to the lament of many an appreciator of fine red sauce cuisine. In its place rises not the balkanized nightmare of another generic deli, a former Yugoslavia-style breakup of food interests at war with itself by definition, but what we can only hope to be a united front against crappy pizza: Tavola.

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R.I.P. Manganaro’s: It looks like it's official.  The original Manganaro's Grosseria (on 9th Ave. btw 37+38th), whose honor we attempted to defend back in 2009, served their last lunch yesterday.  We think a brief moment of silence is in order (something the two ladies who ran the place, never afforded their customers!)  [via Jeremiah's Vanishing]

Manganaro’s (The Good One) Set To Close

Well, it looks like our days of defending Manganaro’s, and the two crazy sisters who run the place, are numbered.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the building that houses the 100+ year old Italian grocery store and restaurant is being sold, and once the deal goes through Manganaro’s will be no more.  We can take a little solace in knowing that Manganaro’s Hero Boy isn’t going anywhere, but anybody who has been to both knows there is little consolation in that.  Say what you want about the sisters, Manganaro’s is irreplaceable and will be missed. [via Eater]

SENY Disappointed By Wrong Manganaro’s

Serious Eats: New York was (unsurprisingly) underwhelmed by a sandwich at Manganaro’s Hero Boy yesterday (on 9th Ave. btw. 37+38th), but our favorite part of the post was a comment by Midtown Lunch’er “exflexitarian” who asked “is this the restaurant where the FOH lady acts like she’s got sand in her vag? Or is it the other Manganaro’s?” Nice, dude.  But to answer your question, Hero Boy is not the one with the lady you’re thinking of. Manganaro’s Grosseria is the good one… you know… provided you don’t mind “the sand”.

In Defense of Manganaro’s Grosseria

Photo courtesy of Roboppy

Manganaro’s (along with its unaffiliated next door neighbor Manganaro’s Hero Boy) has been mentioned a few times on the site as a great place (on 9th Ave. btw 37+38th) to get an Italian sandwich. And even though it’s never been officially reviewed (it’s out of bounds, and a lot of things will cost you more than $10), I’ve always considered it an honorary Midtown Lunch. Which is why this post caught my eye on Fork New York, a long dormant blog run by Profiled Lunch’er “Andre Mika”. He resurrected his blog this week specifically to rant about the “bitches” who run the 100+ year old Manganaro’s Grosseria. The story is worth reading in its entirety, but is essentially summed up at the end with this:

“So I guess the moral of the story is, unless you love being abused and crapped on by people who you are trying to give your money to, stay away from Manganaro Grosseria Italiano.”

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