Manganaro’s (The Good One) Set To Close

Well, it looks like our days of defending Manganaro’s, and the two crazy sisters who run the place, are numbered.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the building that houses the 100+ year old Italian grocery store and restaurant is being sold, and once the deal goes through Manganaro’s will be no more.  We can take a little solace in knowing that Manganaro’s Hero Boy isn’t going anywhere, but anybody who has been to both knows there is little consolation in that.  Say what you want about the sisters, Manganaro’s is irreplaceable and will be missed. [via Eater]


  • A: 108 years

    Q: How long can you stay in business if you make marginal food, act surly to your customers, and sue your own family for decades ?

    Darwin finally prevails

  • oh fuck these people. I walked in once with a coworker and the woman gave us the third degree because we asked a offensive question:

    What do you ladies recommend?

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    I wanted to love this place, but after I walked in and was yelled at for looking at the menu (apparently they were not serving food right at that time of day), I walked out. Why would I give any business to this place after that?

  • yeah, i have very little sympathy for this place. I don’t care how ‘old school’ you are – if your food and service sucks, you don’t deserve to be in business.

  • The point of the place shutting because of bad service is irrelevant. It would be more relevant if the building couldn’t be easily sold for 5.3M! Lots of businesses in this area that own their real estate have been selling it over the past few years. This is really more about estate planning than how people got their feeling hurt while getting some great food.

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    I always think of places like these as dinner theater. You go there with the mindset that you may not even eat, but you’ll walk away with a story if you don’t.

    See also: Shopsins

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