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Sergimmo Salumeria’s $9 Panini Are Worth the Walk

Sergimmo's front

I am the type to regard the sandwich as a step above old and busted. I consider it, like just going for a salad, a “lunch surrender” – for whatever reason, you decide that there’s too many choices and you’re too hungry, so you just go for whatever’s out there. I urge you all to consider Sergimmo’s Salumeria (on 9th Ave. btw. 36+37th) as your final line of defense against the lunch surrender. Think of what you’re going to do. Think of the people who love you. Would you really let them down in the face of this by going for turkey on whole wheat? Granted, it’s not an easy choice to make to pick up the Sergimmo’s menu. It is a heavy burden to bear, with most of the menu items topping $10. But they do have a list of $9 panini that are worth your consideration, because the closest equivalent to real Italian sandwiches probably faces the Adriatic.

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