Pizza By Certe Has Homemade Lobster Tails (The Sweet and Flaky Kind!)

Pizza by Cer Te

We’ve covered a lot of Pizza by Certe‘s (56th btw Park+Lex) menu, but mostly the savory. We don’t often look at the sweets in their dessert case, even though I will admit to looking twice at the offerings in there. A couple of weeks ago, we found out that they began serving up increasingly rare, homemade flaky lobster tails, and I stopped by to see if they perfectly break on the joint and are filled with delicious cream. They didn’t disappoint!

Lobster Tails

The tails are wonderfully flaky, and yes, the pieces break exactly on the joint. One reason why I love lobster tails is that this breakage makes it incredibly easy to split it with friends or office mates. The thick vanilla inner filling isn’t sweeter than whipped cream–for those of you who’ve never had one–and is lusciously creamy. And don’t worry if there’s a line when you show up, just picking up dessert at Pizza by Cer Te allows you to cut to the front. The whole tail costs a little more than $4, an increasingly average price for quality desserts.

Pizza by Cer Te, 132 East 56th (btw. Park+Lex) (212) 813-2020


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    Oh…sfogliatelle. A perfect Italian dessert to end an Italian savory pie.

  • I’m not a big custard cream fan, but I gave the lobster tails a shot. The girl behind the counter was raving about them when I placed my order. She said it is her favorite thing.

    The lobster tail was clearly professionally made. It was heavy and complex. I liked the cream. It tasted good and was heavy enough to not make a mess. People that like these types of pastries will probably enjoy it.

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