Pronto Pizza Now Has 99 Cent Pizza on Tuesdays

99 cent slice special sign

Pronto Pizza is far from a go-to lunch spot for me. They tend to be the default spot if someone is ordering pizza for a meeting at our office. Still, my love of a super cheap slice and the lack of other 99 cent slice options in the Rock Center area brought me by to see how their sub-dollar slice stacks up.

99 cent slice from Pronto Pizza

The make-up of Pronto’s dollar slice falls in line with dollar style pizza: thin, doughy crust, light application of sauce, sprinkle of mozzarella cheese. As with all dollar slices, it’s all about freshness. Even a unremarkable slice of pizza tastes much better when hot out of the oven. Reheated? Not so much. Unfortunately my experience fell into the latter category. If you can score a slice out of the oven, I suspect it would be pretty decent but barring that this is a total skip. Note this deal is only on Tuesdays and only at “Pronto Pizza and Grill” (not the other Pronto Pizza just a few doors door).

Pronto Pizza, 62 W 48th St, 212-768-3703

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