Tri Tip Grill’s Bacon Cheddar Buck is a Winner

Tri Tip Grill

Ever since I started writing here on Midtown Lunch, I have heard of Tri Tip Grill (loved by many Midtown Lunch’ers). I wanted to try them and I knew I should try them. But things kept coming up and I just never had the time to trek up to the Rockefeller Center. Then finally at the Midtown Lunch 5th Year Anniversary I was able to try their roast beef. After eating 1 (followed by 3 more), I knew what all the craze was about.

Now with their Grand Central location opened for business, I can enjoy as many roast beef sandwiches as I want. And for my 1st one I decided to try something special.

Tri Tip Grill

What’s more special than cheese on pork on beef?! For $8.49 I got the 4oz Bacon Cheddar Buck. Since I had never been to Tri Tip Grill, I wasn’t sure how big their sandwiches were. So I was pleasantly surprised by how big my sandwich was, and was particularly happy to see that they really pack those slices of roast beef in. If this was 4oz, I can’t imagine how much roast beef 6oz is.

Tri Tip Grill

The sandwich was a little messy to eat but overall the bun held everything nicely. The bacon, a little smokey and slightly crispy, was perfectly salty and added that extra salty flavor to the sandwich. The thinly sliced roast beef was tender and just fantastic.

I loved my sandwich so much that after I ate it, I made sure I told everyone in the office to get a sandwich there ASAP. Though there is one tiny thing I wasn’t too thrilled about and that was the price. Everything on the Grand Central menu is 50cents more than the Rockefeller Center menu. What the heck?!

- Tri Tip Grill, 15 Vanderbilt Ave (Grand Central Terminal Market) 212-557-1030


  • I would recommend buying a whole tri tip and taking it home! I need to get up to grand central and take one home. It actually froze pretty well—anytime can be tri tip time!

  • wow, and i thought the Rock Center one was already pricey, and is the reason i haven’t eaten here in a while. for the price, you dont even get a side (c’mon, at least give us some fries or something). and i dont know if things have changed, but i got the bacon cheddar buck before and it was tiny. maybe because it was the special for the day ($5.99), but it sure left me hungry about an hour later….

  • I felt comfortable with the whole tri tip price–at least at the rock center one. It made many meals. And snacks. 29 or 30 bucks, I forget. Well worth it.

  • That’s a heart attack special, but it looks great.

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    I think the best thing to have at Tri-Tip is the plain sandwiches.

    I think when you get the cheese and bacon, they put it in the oven and meat is no longer med rare, as seen in the photo.

    They have a special where you get 8oz of Tri-tip sliced over onion strings for $5.99. I add a side of red mashers and that is HEAVEN!


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    Hmm, where do you see the increase in price from Rock Center? The prices look the same to me.

  • Grand Central Central is always a pricey food court. If there is a long lunch hour, I’d rather travel to Rock Center unless it’s REAAALLLY out of the way for me. With the great inhaling of calories, fat and sodium though, the walk will do (small) wonders.

    I see the 50cents difference in the Bucks/ Sandwiches. The whole tri tip looks to be 23.99 and SAME prices for small plates (except the bayou pepper salmon is a dollar more), platters (caesar pleaser is a platter? not salad? also a dollar more), salads and sides too at both locations though. Soups are 40 cents less at GC. Obviously more variety at Rock Center.

    Rock Center:

    Grand Central:

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    I had the bacon and cheddar on their grilled chicken. A little dry but otherwise great. I’ll add some of their sauce next time. At Grand Central

  • Never in my life have I heard Tri-Tip refered to simply as “roast beef.” While perhaps technically accurate, it makes it sound like someone is stuck in Arby’s.

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