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Trying The Non-Pizza Side Of Eddie’s Pizza’s Menu

The Eddie’s Pizza Truck has been roaming the streets for a while serving its bar pies with toppings like pulled pork with Maker’s Mark carmelized onions. A while ago they added some sandwiches to the menu and after a mostly positive report on the porchetta variety from Blondie, I decided that someday when I was feeling indecisive come lunch time I’d go back for something that wasn’t pizza. That day happened earlier this week when it was rainy and disgusting and walking more than a few blocks for lunch was out of the question and it just so happened Eddie’s Pizza was parked on Water St. Read more »

Eddie’s Bringing Pizza Cart To Tribeca Five Days A Week

If you like bar pies and work or live in Tribeca there’s good news. Eddie’s Pizza is going to have a cart parked at Greenwich & Reade streets starting next week selling the same bar pies, heroes and salads that can be found at their truck, including the $10 lunch special. The cart will be there Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. It’s part of the growing fleet of carts from Eddie’s that they first debuted at the ML Fifth Birthday Party back in June, and part of a trend as it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find street parking for food trucks.

Eddie’s Pizza Truck’s Return To FiDi A Great Excuse To Eat A Bar Pie

It’s not often you see a food truck with a calorie count listed on its menu, as I discovered Eddie’s Pizza Truck does when I finally got to eat one of its bar pies earlier in the week. (Really, no one wants to know how much those Korean tacos or kati rolls are adding to your waistline). Eddie’s clocks its cheese bar pie at 270 calories and that only encouraged me to add sausage to it. The truck returned to the Financial District after debuting downtown a year ago and then abandoning the weekly parking spot in favor of more busy pastures. The truck makes a stop every Friday on Hudson St. in SoHo, which is a hike to get to for me, so I stopped by to check out the $10 bar pie lunch special while it was within walking distance.

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Airing Of The Grievances: Why Have Food Trucks Abandoned Us?

You may have noticed recently that some food trucks that used to come down to the Financial District once a week have given that up. One that I’ve heard is mourned the most is the Schnitzel & Things Truck that would park in one of the worst places to find a good lunch, near Broad & Water. Well, lunch’er Adam has had enough:

No more Schnitz??  No more Eddie’s??  Maybe others?  What’s up with all the trucks abandoning us poor folks all the way down at the southern tip of Manhattan?  What’s wrong with Broad & Water? Any insight/intel is much appreciated.

I didn’t have the answer to that question, so I reached out to Oleg from Schnitzel & Things. Find out what he had to say about the situation after the jump. Read more »

Eddie’s Pizza Truck Debuting Downtown Today

Looks like the new Eddie’s Pizza Truck is coming downtown today after making its debut last week up north (aka midtown). They serve thin-crust bar pies and initial reviews seem promising, although they’ve been plagued by long lines from people ordering for their offices. You can get a pie with one topping, a side and a drink for $10, or they have a chicken cutlet with hot cherry peppers as a special this week. Check them out on Twitter to see the exact location. Update: Looks like they are at Broad & Water streets.