Eddie’s Pizza Truck’s Return To FiDi A Great Excuse To Eat A Bar Pie

It’s not often you see a food truck with a calorie count listed on its menu, as I discovered Eddie’s Pizza Truck does when I finally got to eat one of its bar pies earlier in the week. (Really, no one wants to know how much those Korean tacos or kati rolls are adding to your waistline). Eddie’s clocks its cheese bar pie at 270 calories and that only encouraged me to add sausage to it. The truck returned to the Financial District after debuting downtown a year ago and then abandoning the weekly parking spot in favor of more busy pastures. The truck makes a stop every Friday on Hudson St. in SoHo, which is a hike to get to for me, so I stopped by to check out the $10 bar pie lunch special while it was within walking distance.

I could have gotten a hero instead of the pizza, but since I just gorged on a chicken parm sandwich the other day I decided to go the lighter route. It was tough to pick my one topping for the pie but I went with the standby of sausage, and a salad as my side since it was 90 degrees out and something non-hot sounded great.

The pie came out soon enough and I couldn’t wait to dig in. I’d been really impressed by the margherita slice(s) I had from Eddie’s new cart at the ML Fifth Birthday Party and hoped I could have a repeat experience.

I’m still getting used to the saucers of sausage you get at a lot of places in the city rather than the crumbled version I ate growing up – like the kind found at Adrienne’s Pizza Bar that is somewhat controversial. There were some pieces that reminded me of gyro meat in consistency but not flavor.

As you can see in the above photo, the pizza crust got a little charred in spots. There was one bite I took where there was so much char on the bottom it seemed like I was gnawing on charcoal. I guess when the crust is this thin it’s to be expected. The salad is exactly what you get in most pizza places – iceberg lettuce, some tomato, a few black olives and a container of Italian dressing on the side. I appreciated it for its simplicity.

I hope the truck got enough business that it will at least occasionally come back to the Financial District, and we can all have an excuse to eat an entire pizza for lunch.

Eddie’s Pizza Truck, Fridays in SoHo (check location on Twitter), (917) 439-7522


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  • I was on John Street waiting by the 4 train for a friend.. when in front of me was “its a Pizza!”.

    99 cent slices! 4-6pm. I got 4, hot and tasty..

    next week I went back for more! I give them the change so its 5 bucks for four slices…

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