First Look at the Eddie’s Pizza Truck $10 Lunch Special

Eddie's Pizza Truck

The first day for any anticipated food truck is going to be hard, and the first Midtown lunch for Eddie’s Pizza Truck was no exception. Waits upwards of a hour, a few ordering mishaps, and people ordering numerous large pies for their offices made it even tougher.  But I went, regardless, to get my $10 lunch special deal: a 10″ bar pie with one topping plus a side and a drink. After all, opening night is one thing. Serving the masses in Midtown during lunch is quite another.

Eddie's pizza Truck

I decided to go with a mushroom pie. Mushrooms on pizza walk a fine line with me-if they’re sauteed, I love them, if they’re from a can, I can do without. Eddie’s were completely acceptable in my book. They are also on the generous side of toppings, which earns you a plus in my book.

Eddie's Pizza Truck

The pie itself is about as thin as you can make it without sacrificing significant strength. The cheese is also pretty good: salty, not low-grade rubbery, but not thick slices of buffalo mozzarella (granted it is from a truck.) I’m still finding their sauce a tad on the sweet side, but not enough that I truly mind. All of my slices held up under the weight of cheese, sauce, and mushrooms, another plus.

Eddie's Pizza Truck

For my side, I went with the unusual Sweet Potato Gnocchi. It’s gnocchi off a truck, and sweet potato at that! I couldn’t resist. You need to eat these babies hot. Once they cool down, they’re not pillows of sweet potato dough, but chewy fluffballs. Eat them hot, they are good.

Eddie's Pizza Truck

This is definitely one of those lunch specials where the normal feeding variety of the species say, “More than enough food.” I was satiated until happy hour time, any more and we would have entered the food baby stage. I believe the Midtown Lunch feeding variety will need a bit more out of this lunch, in which case I recommend going for the out of ML price range $10.50 Eddie’s Special pie that comes with sausage, meatballs, pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, and onions. That should make you happy.

As always, you want to give a new spot the benefit of the doubt- as well as time to get used to the hungry savages (which include me)- before getting your panties in a twist over wait times, etc.  Eddie’s will be trying to spend Mondays on 40th & 6th, but in case that doesn’t work out be sure to check their location on Twitter @EddiesPizzaNY, or you can check the ML Twitter Tracker. View the complete menu here>>


  • i want some of that sweet potato gnocchi

  • So the $10 lunch special gives you an entire 10″ pie, a side & a drink? That’s a lot of food!

  • As I posted Friday, I enjoyed the eddie’s special. If you can hold off until 2:30 or so, you might have a better experience, as I waited 10 min total for my order, and got a free sample pie while I waited (though of course you can’t expect this type of freebage all the time). I think their toppings are the best part, as the toppings are hearty and authentic. Good meatball, good sausage etc….

  • They’re really nice too.

  • is that fried gnocchi? this pizza just doesnt look good to me.

  • Frankly, I don’t like pizza.

    It makes me gag.

    But this photo reinforces my resolve that I will NEVER eat pizza again — in my entire life, no matter how much my wife likes to eat this shit.

    Like Bill Maher said on REAL TIME — “… in California, we can afford to eat ‘REAL FOOD’ … and we do not eat fucking pizza”.

    But whatever,

    Carrion, please.

  • I hope their thin crust is worth it. It sounds like a good lunch special.

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    i must have gone at the wrong time because i wouldnt call their toppings generous at all… maybe youre confusing things because the slices themselves are so tiny? it tastes better than a pizzacone ill give it that at least

  • Talk about damning with faint praise. Is it also better than, uh, Danku? :-)

  • I got a pizza with chicken cutlet and hot cherry pepper toppings. The chicken portion was ok (not generous or chintzy), but the hot peppers were plentiful. A bit pricey, but enjoyable.

  • Tried the daily special today – ricotta & eggplant. It was delicious!!!! Awesome!

  • oh, and I called 917-439-7522 and they took my order on the phone and had it ready for me, and I didn’t have to wait at all for it. :-)

  • I tried Eddie’s today (52nd and Park) and I must report that it was a disappointment- in terms of value only. I had a bar pie with sausage ($7) and the total amount of food equalled less than one nice sized slice at any pizzaria. This thing was TINY, so thin that it shattered when bitten, and the topping was very ,very sparse. The very center of the pie (the part that didn’t shatter) was actually delicious. The sause was excellent and the cheese was good quality. The one or two bites of sausage that were scattered on my pie were very tasty.

    It was a nice snack, but I felt the need to head to my company cafeteria for a sandwich afterwards. Really, this was a VERY small amount of food.

  • Did I really type “sause”? Damn you soft iPhone keys.

  • I probably should have tried the sweet potato gnocchi, but overall, I was incredibly disappointed with this “deal”. Flimsy and somewhat doughy tortilla-style crust, and cheap side-salad – not to mention there was no fork for the salad or straw for my $0.25 can of soda. I doubt it cost them all of $2.00 to put this together – severe fail – won’t be going back!

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