At Lunch Now: Eddie’s Pizza Truck is a Long Wait

This was yesterday… and today isn’t much better.

If you were super excited about trying out the brand new Eddie’s Pizza Truck, you might want to give them a bit more time to get settled.  Yesterday was insanity because they were giving away free pizza, but today hasn’t been much better.  Slice has been twittering from their location in the Flatiron, where the lines have been long, and pizzas are taking just over 30 minutes from the time you order.

Eddie’s Pizza Truck Hits The Streets Today (With Free Pizza)


  • I don’t get it. Why would anybody want to eat pizza from a truck? Good pizza is made in huge stone ovens.

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    im just trying it because ya know… i eat pizza

    its okay… the crust is like some kind of slightly thicker tortilla shell and the rest of ingredients are fine… definitely not worth the price or the wait… glad i got my free pizza for waiting an hour and a half in line today because im not going to go back… despite the guy giving out free samples and chap sticks

  • I just got back from trying it. I got there at 2:45. NO LINE. My friend and I got a free meatball pie while we waited to boot! I had the Eddie Special, she had spinash and saussage (I think). We are both impressed. The bar pies are the perfect size if you are looking NOT to get bloated and pass out afterwards. Good flavor, good sauce and cheese ratio, nice crunchy thin crust! I will defintiely be a repeat customer! A worthy fridsy edition to flatiron!

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