Airing Of The Grievances: Why Have Food Trucks Abandoned Us?

You may have noticed recently that some food trucks that used to come down to the Financial District once a week have given that up. One that I’ve heard is mourned the most is the Schnitzel & Things Truck that would park in one of the worst places to find a good lunch, near Broad & Water. Well, lunch’er Adam has had enough:

No more Schnitz??  No more Eddie’s??  Maybe others?  What’s up with all the trucks abandoning us poor folks all the way down at the southern tip of Manhattan?  What’s wrong with Broad & Water? Any insight/intel is much appreciated.

I didn’t have the answer to that question, so I reached out to Oleg from Schnitzel & Things. Find out what he had to say about the situation after the jump.

We left the FiDi because it was getting really slow. Just trying a new location. Hopefully we’ll find a day to come back to the FiDi. We love the people and were very sad to leave but we had no choice but to try something else. Hope that answers their questions. We’ll try to be back soon :)

So apparently people were not down with the schnitzel! I guess this isn’t overly surprising, but it’s sad for those of us who like something different to eat at least one day a week. I’m also guessing that Eddie’s Pizza Truck, which debuted down here in June, also wasn’t get enough business to tear them away from midtown.

Has anyone noticed any other trucks that have gone missing?



  • Well there’s always the cravings truck, which is actually the only one I went to down here. With my luck they will be the next to go :(

  • I know business gets a tad slow in the winter when fewer people want to leave their offices but Schnitzel should still try to make the trip down once or twice a month to deliver schnitzel goodness to FiDi!

  • There’s always the Munch Truck! Or maybe it never leaves it’s parking spot.


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