Eddie’s Pizza Launching First Ever Pizza Cart (And They’re Bringing it to Our B’day Party)

Despite the trouble that food trucks these days seem to be having finding spots, we’ve still seen our fair share of carts upgrade to food trucks (just this week Jamaican Dutchy announced that they would be launching a food truck on Monday), and obviously a lot of  the gourmet food trucks have gone brick and mortar, but truck to cart?  That’s a lot more rare.  Last year Wafels & Dinges added a couple of carts to their arsenal, and this week Eddie’s Pizza Truck is following suit.  That’s right… pizza from a halal style cart!

Check out interior photos of the oven after the jump…

The cart was modeled after a 1930’s street car and will offer almost the entire current menu (no street meat pizza though, sorry!)  They suspect its the first ever halal style pizza cart ever built in the city, but we’ll have to defer to the pizza experts for that one.  Carts have always faced hardships on the streets of NYC (the Street Vendor Project was founded because of it), but there is no question that these days food trucks are being targeted by the cops and business leaders more than the carts.

Eddie’s plans to take their new cart out on test runs next week in Midtown and the Upper East Side, before their official grand opening… next Saturday at our 5th Birthday Party!  (Get your tickets here.)   Track their location on Twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker.


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