Eddie’s & Rafiqi’s Team Up to Create Street Meat Pizza

Midtown Lunch is no stranger to the mash up. There was the Famous Halal Guys/100% Vegetarian cart mash up, the chicken tikka sandwich, and the Treats Truck/Miss Softee ice cream sandwich. But this takes things to a completely new level. On Thursday Eddie’s Pizza Truck and Rafiqi’s will team up on 52nd and Park to create… a Street Meat Pizza! We’ll let that sink it for a moment before we let Eddie’s describe exactly what that means.

It will be a 10″ Bar Pie (personal pizza) with its normal sauce and mozzarella cheese then on top of it will be their choice of Rafiqi’s Chicken or Lamb w/Black Beans, Corn, Rice, Shredded Lettuce, and Tomatoes. When it comes out of the oven it willl get a little red and white sauce. When testing the pizza, we made sure to leave two inches on the edges of just pizza so you really get the halal taste in a slice and then eddie’s as well.

We will have a limited number for sale this thursday on 52nd and park. If all goes well, we will make this a weekly Thursday special and potentially add it to other locations. With all the perceived tension between vendors, especially old school and new school, this was a great way to work together with someone else to celebrate street food.

Indeed! And it’s especially nice to see Rafiqi’s working with new vendors, considering their history.

First Look at the Eddie’s Pizza Truck $10 Lunch Special


  • I like the idea but not sure why they’d add all the other stuff like rice, corn, beans, etc. I say pizza plus the meat only plus hot sauce and white sauce = better move.

    • Agreed! Black Beans, Corn, Rice, Shredded Lettuce, and Tomatoes = totally unnecessary. I made some street meat pizza at home a couple of years ago as part of a baking challenge. I used takeout chicken tikka from Biryani Cart and chicken from the famous cart. Delicious. http://bit.ly/aYnByW

  • beans, corn, rice on pizza? thats fuckin retarded.

  • I think this sounds fantastic, but in my opinion, Eddie’s pies are too thin to hold up to that bulk.

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    Terrible. Why would things that aren’t part of good pizza or good halal have any place in this mash-up?

    On a related note, an Eddie’s bar pie is about $10 all said and done, and it amounts to about one large slice of pizza in mass. While it may be “enough” for lunch, it is just too much to pay for what you get. From a truck. After a half hour.

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