Lebanese Standby Replaces Hawaiian Plate Lunches On Fulton

If you’ve tried to eat at Alfanoose lately, you may have noticed they no longer exist on Maiden Lane. Word is the building they were located in between Broadway & Nassau St. is being developed and they were forced to move. What you may not be aware of is that Alfanoose moved to Fulton St. (at Ryder’s Alley) in the space where L&L Hawaiian BBQ used to be. Both are long-running businesses in the Financial District but L&L Hawaiian seemed to be floundering around lately, adding a Chinese food buffet and some lunch deals to lure people in. I couldn’t find anything online that they have moved to a new location, so it looks like the city has lost one of its only sources of Hawaiian plate lunch.



  • So glad that Mohamed and his crew at Alfanoose landed on their feet, once again. Best falafel in Manhattan and a fine restaurant owner, to boot. A real survivor, he persisted in the months after 9/11, when business was down, and has apparently survived once again.

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    **SO SAD** for L&L!! No more plate lunches or spam musubi in the FiDi.

  • I only discovered the closure of L & L last night. I guess I didn’t eat there as often I thought. It’s true that L & L was declining in quality and never too great in terms of service or ambience, but I shall miss it anyway. Farewell L & L Hawaliian Barbecue on Fulton Street!

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