Trying The Non-Pizza Side Of Eddie’s Pizza’s Menu

The Eddie’s Pizza Truck has been roaming the streets for a while serving its bar pies with toppings like pulled pork with Maker’s Mark carmelized onions. A while ago they added some sandwiches to the menu and after a mostly positive report on the porchetta variety from Blondie, I decided that someday when I was feeling indecisive come lunch time I’d go back for something that wasn’t pizza. That day happened earlier this week when it was rainy and disgusting and walking more than a few blocks for lunch was out of the question and it just so happened Eddie’s Pizza was parked on Water St.

I ended up getting the salume sandwich ($7.50) which¬†contained several slices of¬†peppery salami, arugula, a pile of parmigiano reggiano and some olive oil on what I’m pretty sure was ciabbata. After a recent week of eating gutbomb sandwiches like this, it was nice to eat something a tad lighter evenif there were a lot of meats and cheese involved.

At the same time, I really like their bar pie combo for $10 and think I’ll stick with that the next time I hit up the truck for lunch.

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