Eddie’s Pizza Truck Now Serving Sandwiches

Eddie's New Sandwiches

If you stopped by Eddie’s Pizza Truck yesterday to score some free food care of LevelUP, you might have noticed a few new items on their menu. Starting this week, they started carrying sandwiches along with a few more expensive pizza toppings like argula. I stopped by to check those out–not for free of course since I already have LevelUP on my phone–and instantly knew that I had to get the porchetta sandwich when I saw it on the menu. Hello cracklin’s!

Porchetta Sandwich

The sandwiches are being served up on fresh bread from a small bakery in Brooklyn with the porchetta on a bready ciabatta roll. Upon reading the description, the only part I was worried about was the addition of salsa verde, an ingredient I definitely don’t see on other porchetta sandwiches. Thankfully, the salsa verde works since it does bring a lot of flavor. The porchetta itself is tender and a wee bit juicy, but it lacks some seasoning and there is just too little of it for me to get really excited. Also, I prefer my porchetta in chunks, not slices because the latter tend to be a little drier and don’t have a concentration of flavor or meat juice. The provolone on the bottom adds its own mild, cheesy flavor, but I could have easily done without it and not noticed. The sandwich itself is on the smaller side being that it’s $9.50. For that much money, I want more fillings or a generous amount of cracklin’ goodness.

Has anybody tried any of the other sandwiches? Let us know what you thought in the comments.

Sadly, Eddie’s Pizza Truck is Downtown today. ¬†But they’ll be back in Midtown on Monday (on 51st btw. Park+Madison). ¬†Follow them on Twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker for daily locations.


  • where’s the meat?

    i had a porchetta sandwich at Piccolo Cafe(37th? & Mad) a while back for $10 that was AWESOME and had plenty of meat and fresh mozzarella.

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    A co-worker of mine had this on Wednesday, and there was very little meat and the sandwich was just “alright, and he wouldn’t get it again”

    you’re better off going to Park Italian Gourmet and getting their fresh deli meats, chicken parm, or their massive meatballs

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