Changes and Thank You

10 years ago the Midtown Lunch site was born in NYC, a vision of Zach Brooks to help Midtown workers spice up their lunch breaks with better meals. In 2010 I was asked to launch the Philly version of this site, which I have been doing so with love ever since, focusing on the exciting, the off the beaten path, and the under $10 lunch. Exploring and writing is largely responsible for my infatuation with Philly and all it has to offer. I receive an exorbitant amount of joy helping others appreciate this city through its food and culture. This feeling led me to start running Chinatown Food tours in 2014, another way of showcasing Philly’s culinary resources. I recently went through some job changes and saw the opportunity to travel for an extended period of time (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand). This required me to take a break from writing for Midtown Lunch Philly, something I haven’t done in six years. It also gave me time to reevaluate the direction of the site.

I am making the decision to continue writing about food on Philly Food Adventures. Why? 1) Running one website is more efficient than running two 2) I eat out for more meals than just lunch and I cook some lovely things too and want the freedom to share 3) I want to encourage Philly residents and visitors to take food tours with me! Midtown Lunch Philly will still exist as an archive and I hope to update a map soon with old and new posts linked in.  The show isn’t over! I promise ongoing, honest food adventure recaps with the same goal, helping showcase new places or dishes that you might not have known about.

Thank you for your comments (even the inappropriate ones), suggestions, and encouragement. I hope you will continue to allow me to share with you. We’ve come a long way from this.   new social media handles- Twitter: @phlfoodguide Instagram: @phlfoodadventures Facebook: Philly Food Adventures

Don’t Get Tongue Thai-ed, But I’m Leaving On a Jet Plane

As you may have noticed, it’s been a little slow on ML Philly. That’s because I have been planning a big trip to South East Asia & I leave today! My top priority is street food, naturally! If that’s your thing too, be sure to follow me on instagram and twitter for photo updates.  I will be back in a month with a full report! If you have recommendations for me, please leave them in the comments.

ลา รักคุณ


Teriyaki Bowls from Tasty Toast in Point Breeze

Tasty Toast opened last summer in Point Breeze with a brunch centric menu. It’s a cute, welcoming space that seems to be well received by the neighborhood.

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Post Passover Pizza at Pizzeria Vetri

Passover is over and its time to carb up. I am incorporating something breadlike into every meal this week. Pizzeria Vetri opened its 2nd Philly location on Chancellor Street last summer. On my first visit to the original, Art Museum location, I liked the prosciutto slice of the day but was not overwhelmed with joy over the Margherita pie.  The menu is the same at both locations (and the one in Austin, TX) and I returned to try a different carb pie.

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Lunch Links (The “30 Second Pizza Pie Annihilation” Edition)

At Cleavers, Come for the Giant Branded Sandwiches, Stay for the Beer (aka Just Because I’m Off Bread & Beer For Passover Doesn’t Mean You Need to Be)

Cleavers, a the sandwich and shake spot, opened a few months ago to replace the burgers and shake spot, Good Stuff Eatery. The layout and concept is similar, order at the counter and use the upstairs floor if you’d like to dine in. Cheesesteaks and chicken cutlet sandwiches make up most of the menu, all hovering around $10

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Lunch Links (The “Double Fist Pizza” Edition)